Eggplant and Sesame Dip

The inspiration of this dish is undoubtedly the Baba Ganouj, the ingredients being pretty much the same. The need to use the eggplant to make an appetizer, along with urge to make something different than the usual hummus or the eggplant dip I always make, is what had this going.

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Quinoa Crepe/Dosa (Vegan)

One year and quite a few more months. To date. And I managed to make myself get up and start on this post. I didn’t realize it was that long ago that I published my last post.

I will make it short. A single ingredient recipe should not make a long post!

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Papaya/Pepe – r Plastic Chutney



This recipe has to be one of the most loved recipes of my ma. It brings in intense nostalgia for me: an eclectic amalgam of memories that are sweet and funny…but also the close association of the people and places that matter most to me.  Continue reading Papaya/Pepe – r Plastic Chutney…


A Fourth of July Pie




I have hopped in for a tiny post and a short update. A post that was supposed to happen exactly one year back and I never got around doing it.

We marched past 365 days, between hurdles and happiness and hopefully this one goes up in time.

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Beet Gajor- er Torkari: Beet & Carrot Curry




There are times when those few moments just flash past me, at the oddest time of the day, maybe just when I am taking a walk or even doing my dishes. The winter night would soon engulf the day. The crisp breeze brushed across my face as my forehead pressed against the iron bar of the train window.

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