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Moong Dal Halwa: Yellow Moong Halwa


Moong Dal Halwa 5520-1

Moong Dal or the husked yellow Moong Halwa is a popular confection in the northern and north western regions of India. This is made usually during the winter months. The lentils are slowly cooked in ghee releasing its rich, nutty aroma. It is sweet and redolent of cardamom and saffron.

The biggest festival in India, Diwali just went by. According to some Indian calendars, we have stepped into another new year. From one year to another, from one day to the next, we move ahead; marked by days that evoke intense nostalgia and at the same time paving paths for more to look back to in the future days.

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Aloo Bhaate/Aloo Makha: Mashed Potatoes the Bengali Way


Mashed Potatoes-Aloo Bhaate 5443-6


Aloo Bhaate or mashed potatoes is the most basic dish in Bengali cuisine. It happens to be our quintessential comfort food. I will go ahead a little further and say that Aloo Bhaate defines a Bengali to a certain extent.

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Cedars Mediterranean Mezza and Grill: A Restaurant Review


cedars Review 18


About one and a half years back a dear friend of mine sent me a message saying that she found a restaurant that she thinks I will love. A few months after that we planned to visit this place together and I did fall in love. I passionately love Mediterranean cuisine. I have tried out many restaurants. I have liked some but have been disappointed by a lot of them. There are only a few that have made indelible marks and have made me go back for more. There are even fewer that compelled me to do a review.

cedars Review 26

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Bengali Mishti Pulao: Bengali Style Pilaf with Cashews and Raisins


Mishti Pulao 5328 trial -19


The sound of “Mishti Pulao” takes me back to this little girl dining on this tiny table and chair, set by the family dining table just where the door opens. It is Christmas lunch. The family has gathered around the table. Crisp winter air blows in through the door, making the food scents even more tantalizing. Grandma shuffles back and forth from the kitchen, warming up food and bringing them to the table. This little girl waits…

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Kumro/Lau Pata Bata: Spiced Pumpkin/Gourd Leaf Paste


kumro pata bata 5172-7

Twenty years back when I left behind my home, my family and my childhood to begin a new life in this country, I had no idea how much I would miss the everyday things that I took for granted: the hand pump which spurted out water with every squeeze, the call of the cuckoo which drove me crazy in the wee hours of the morning, the pink lilies that lined the walkway that led to our front door, the neem leaves that brushed my windows, the gourd vines that spread their arms and legs on our terrace, the street vendors that broke the silence of the late afternoons…

Pumpkin-Gourd Leaf 1

the list can go on forever.


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