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A Fourth of July Pie




I have hopped in for a tiny post and a short update. A post that was supposed to happen exactly one year back and I never got around doing it.

We marched past 365 days, between hurdles and happiness and hopefully this one goes up in time.

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Beet Gajor- er Torkari: Beet & Carrot Curry




There are times when those few moments just flash past me, at the oddest time of the day, maybe just when I am taking a walk or even doing my dishes. The winter night would soon engulf the day. The crisp breeze brushed across my face as my forehead pressed against the iron bar of the train window.

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Mushur Dal – er Bora: Red Lentil Fritters



Bora, Vada or Lentil Fritters are the most common recipes all over India. Each state has its own way to do it. The use of lentils differ, from one region to another and also from one home to another. The same goes for the spices used in them. West Bengal itself has many versions of lentils fritters. Sometimes just one kind of lentil is used like the red lentils that I have used today. At other times a combination of lentils are used. The texture and the flavors change with the change or combination of lentils.

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Chaal Kumro Chingri: Ash Gourd with Shrimp


I never knew some twenty years back when I sat by the window seat of Air India, looking out of that tiny window at the vast expanse of the universe , already missing home, that I would be cooking Chaal Kumro Chingri sitting in America.


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Knacha Posto Bata: Poppy Seeds Paste



Posto, Bhaat and Ghoom” defines a Bengali as much as “Bhaat, Maach and Bhaja” does. A lot many Bengalis are fervent posto eaters: to the extent that posto is served in some form or the other in a meal every single day. It could be side dish, or used to thicken a sauce, or to stuff a vegetable, and also made into fritters. Besides using it as a garnish, the Knacha Posto Bata (raw poppy seeds paste) is  a dish in its simplest form.

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