A Fourth of July Pie




I have hopped in for a tiny post and a short update. A post that was supposed to happen exactly one year back and I never got around doing it.

We marched past 365 days, between hurdles and happiness and hopefully this one goes up in time.

The girls had got together making little treats for themselves, keeping themselves entertained over summer break last year. On our dessert menu was a chocolate crusted, creamy fruit pie,

Fourth of July Pie 1573


some fruit skewers,

DSC01588_a fourth of july pie_6


and cups of slushies.


DSC01593_a fourth of july pie_10


The adults out there, do not forget to check out the Patriotic Shot!


We started our summer vacation in early June, drawing an end to our elementary years of school. Another note to remind us that life is short and days are going by way too fast. We said goodbye to a school which had been our friend and family for 11 long years, signed firmly with many tears, happy memories and good principles embedded strong into the hearts of our girls.

We also took a long trip to Michigan and Canada to visit families. Besides the bonding of cousins of different generations, the traditional summer trip this year was marked by visiting friends after decades and spending a few days in the Upper Peninsula, Niagara Falls and Toronto. After the almost three weeks trip, we are back home with our heart loaded with love of the family and friends we got to reconnect with.

This is what life is about.

Fourth of July Pie 1752


This is a quick, no bake, kid friendly recipe.  You do need a little bit of chilling time and make sure the fruits are really fresh.

Fourth of July Pie 1583


A Fourth of July Pie


Ingredients: (makes one pie)

  1. A ready made, store bought pie crust (you may make your own at home or use any kind of store bought ones. I have used the basic graham cracker crust)
  2. 3/4 cup  dark or semi-sweet or milk chocolate chip (use any kind of chocolate you like)
  3. 1.5 cup Greek Yogurt, strained until thick and creamy
  4. 3/4 cup heavy cream, chilled
  5. confectioners sugar, to taste
  6. crushed saffron, or almond or vanilla extract for flavor
  7. marshmallows
  8. fresh blueberries and strawberries

Note: the measurements are approximate. Please adjust as per your needs. More or less of the chocolate, cream and fruits may be used.

I have used a combination of yogurt and cream for the filling. They may be used in any proportion that you like, or only cream or only yogurt may be used. Adjust amounts of each if you decide to make changes)



Melt the chocolate either in microwave or in a double boiler (making sure there is no moisture in the chocolate as it will cause it to “freeze”). Stir warm chocolate and spread on the inside base of the crust. This will be chocolate layer. Chill in the refrigerator until chocolate hardens.

Whisk strained yogurt and set aside. Whisk/beat chilled cream  until it forms peaks. Gently fold in cream with whisked yogurt, confectioners sugar and crushed saffron (or extracts of whatever essence you are using). Fill the pie crust with the cream-yogurt filling.

Arrange marshmallows and fruits in US Flag colors. Chill for a couple of hours. Serve chilled.



Fourth of July Pie 1575


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