Lau-er Khosha Bata: Chutney with Bottle Gourd Peel




This is an old recipe, revived, bringing in tides of nostalgia.

A recipe that strongly arouses memories of my childhood days with my grandparents. A grandpa immersed in books and a grandma who I like to associate with having a black wooden bureau adorned with wrought iron lions handles. I would like to think there was magic inside those drawers. No one knew what could appear from the depths. A piece of twine, folded pieces of textiles, nails, candles for power cuts, safety pins, extra tooth and hair brushes, a hair bun to puff your hair, endless boxes of beads and colored threads for embroidery or anything that anyone would need. And at anytime they were needed. That includes marbles for me to play with, some clothes for my dolls, matching hair barrettes and bows for when I wanted to dress up and so much more.


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Mutton Rogan Josh: Kashmiri Mutton Curry with Yogurt and Spices




Rogan Josh is one of the signature dishes from the magnificent state of Kashmir. Brimming with flavors of fennel, ginger and marked by the sriking red hue, it is indeed a celebration of all senses.


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Badam Katli/Almond Fudge





Badam Katli, a fudge made with almonds, is a very popular Indian confection.  Powdered nuts combine with cardamom,saffron or rose to become the most enticing fudge. They are morish  and will disappear faster than you know.


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Quinoa and Garden Caprese Salad




Texas heat has mellowed down to what I call the best time of the year. The skies are blue. We have had a few good splashes of rain, all of which should have happened in spring and we have now what the pretty summer should be like.


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Tetor Dal: Lentils with Bitter Melon




I have a bitter-sweet relationship with this recipe. “Bitter” already appears in the post title, but why sweet? It has to do more with my emotions than the taste. This is one of those recipes which are cloistered in typically Bengali homes. Almost protected. It rarely makes it way on the table on gorgeous occasions, festivals or in restaurants. But it coddles and soothes the yearning souls of my kind on an everyday basis.


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