Manisha’s Lemon Pickle




Pickle. The word resonates with outbursts of flavors. Indian pickles tell long stories and are loaded with a blend of spices that will tease your taste buds.

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Lehsuni Baingan: Eggplants cooked in Spicy Garlic Sauce


Lehsuni Baingan_DSC08426_8

I have a really simple recipe today. Chunks of eggplants are cooked with in a spicy garlic sauce with the fresh zesty aroma of ginger and green chili peppers. I will not call this this a “traditional” recipe, even though there might be one with this name in some parts of India. I have followed no authentic recipe.


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Chilli and Rosemary Baked Sweet Potato Chips


Sweet _Potato Chips_DSC08484_2

The one and only sweet potato grew shoots. Tiny leaves unfurled on healthy red stalks, emerging from one end of the potato and then getting entwined in each other’s arms, offering support and companionship of live. Spring. Obvious even in the dark forgotten corner of my pantry. Such is the inevitable  force of nature. Unstoppable, inspiring and ever moving.


Sweet Potato Chips_DSC08452_9

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Sautéed Cabbage with Fenugreek


Sauteed Cabbage with Fenugreek_DSC08096_4

If you are looking for a simple side dish with a meal, consider cooking cabbage with spices.  The subtly laced flavors of fenugreek seeds  transform this often shunned vegetable into a wholesome, nourishing bowlful.


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Chicken 65


Chicken 65_DSC08009_7


Chicken 65 from my kitchen! I finally did it. After quite a few failed attempts, where I had got nothing close to the real taste, I am glad to proclaim that I attained the near perfection. I do deserve to celebrate.

Chicken 65_DSC08005_3

For now you do not have to worry about the “65″ of the Chicken 65. The sensational taste, the tangy sauce hugging the crispy morsels of chicken, flavored generously with ginger, black pepper and light hint of fennel,  has nothing to do with the “65″. I will come to that a bit later in the post.

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