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Lemon Tofu Squares


Tofu Lemon Bar 8_eCurry


Lemon tarts are something I have always had a special kind of fondness for. I would walk past the curved  glass cases enclosing rows of creamy swirls that topped the luscious layered pastries and went straight for the lemon bars or the tarts. There is something about the tart, creamy smoothness of the lemon flavored dessert that still makes me go weak in the knees.


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Brussels Sprouts with Coriander, Mint Chutney and Nuts


Brusseks Sprouts with Green Chutney_eCurry 1


Here is a light Indian twist to the Brussels sprouts. These were cooked until tender crisp and flavored with the Indian Mint and Coriander Chutney.

Of all the ways I have had the Brussels sprouts so for, this is my favorite for now. Spicy, tangy amalgamates with a refreshing splash of flavor.


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Paneer in Fennel Flavored Tomato Sauce


Paneer in Fennel Tomato Sauce 3


The sweet aroma of fennel elevated this effortless and ordinary tomato based curry to something quite ornate. You would be surprised how simple this recipe is, with no use of the usual onion, garlic or cream to make it rich. But it is sumptuous with ample texture imparted by the tomatoes and powdered almonds.


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Radish and Mint Salad




We have sunshine and some warmth too! After what seemed like endless days of overcast skies, freezing rain and cold, the clouds broke and we have the perfectly blue skies.

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Beetroot Halwa


Beet Halwa 1

This is probably the one of the very few recipes out of five hundred  and more in the blog that I will have posted after making it only for the very first time. But the assuring news is that this recipe will be repeated for years to come.


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