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Chingri Bhorta: Spicy Shrimp Mash


Chingri Bhorta Edited 4777 final


The smoky aroma of the fried garlic, ginger and brown, brittle dried chili peppers infused with the fried shrimps is what I would like to call  a shrimp lover’s dream.


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Mulo Shaag Bhaja/Sautéed Radish Greens (Two Ways)


Mulo Shaag Bhaja 4106 edited 1


Raw Radish 1

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Mutton Do Pyaza


Mutton Do Pyaza 4305 edited 1


I consider this luxury cooking, my kitchen being perfumed with toasted spices and a large amount of frying onions. Nothing can go wrong with an enormous amount of caramelized onions.


I never fail to have at least a few orders of this dish whenever I visit home. I close my eyes and relish; the tender chunks of meat with the fragrant sauce and the separating oil mopped clean with a few parathas or Tandoori roti. Vinegar dipped onions and salad on the side. There is something about it that makes me wistful every single time I think of it. Memories entwined with it of my little town, the streets, my friends and family and good old days…. I start to  lose myself to the time that have slowly slipped away from me.


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Begun-er Tok: Bengali Style Sweet and Sour Eggplant Chutney


Eggplant Sweet and Sour 4358._duplicate 1



Here is a simple dish where eggplants are sauteed and cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with tamarind and raisins.


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Mulo Bhaja: Lightly Tempered Stir-Fried Radish


Tempered Radishes 12
This post is for all for my little T. This is such a simple and everyday recipe that I would not even think of blogging it if it was not for her.

The radishes always had been hers; from the seed to the lightly seasoned bowlful this time.


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