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Shubho Noboborsho!





Today is Bengali New Year. A new beginning. Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead, filled with happiness, calm and peace.

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Ranga Aloo-r Pantua: Sweet Potato Dumplings in Syrup and a Giveaway


Sweet Potatoes 36


The giveaway is now closed.

April brings showers, but in my heart, April also brings in sweet nostalgia of Poila Boishak or Bengali New Year. The smell of new clothes, the rolled calendars that the shopkeepers hand out as it marks the beginning of their financial year, the stiff paper boxes full of sweets and savories neatly tied with bright yellow or pink strings and yes – all the good things made at home to celebrate a new beginning.

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Fried Egg with Asparagus and Feta Hash


Skillet Egg with Asparagus Hash 5


Asparagus are at their best at this moment. Tender, succulent and fresh enough to use the spears entirely without having to remove any “tough ends. They are also inexpensive. It is officially spring and this is the time when asparagus is in the peak of the season. To me they look like they could not wait to pierce their heads out through the warmth of the soil into the blue skies and sunshine. They are indeed a celebration of spring.


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Harissa Marinated Minced Meat Kebab


Harissa Marinated Kebab 2


I am riding the Harissa wave again. It happens once in a while in my life when I want to  using this ravishing condiment in about anything I cook.


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Lemon Tofu Squares


Tofu Lemon Bar 8_eCurry


Lemon tarts are something I have always had a special kind of fondness for. I would walk past the curved  glass cases enclosing rows of creamy swirls that topped the luscious layered pastries and went straight for the lemon bars or the tarts. There is something about the tart, creamy smoothness of the lemon flavored dessert that still makes me go weak in the knees.


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