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Begun Posto: Eggplants with Poppy Seeds Paste


Begun posto 5920

This is another traditional Bengali recipe. Eggplants are  lightly sauteed and then cooked in the creamy poppy seed paste. It is amazingly simple and flavorful. This happens to be one of those dishes where no spices are required.

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Roasted (and Herb Marinated) Garlic


Roasted Garlic 7551_5

I am re-posting this from the archives, with some changes. Last weekend we had our home smelling of roasted garlic, olive oil and rosemary.

Roasted Garlic 7540_2


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Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza


Chicken Tikka Naan Pizza 7474_10


It needs no describing that this is pretty much an Indian flavored pizza.  Nothing new or original. Naan pizzas are everywhere. Or are they called “Naanizza”?  I came across that recently! They have been creating sensations for a while and it does not seem that they will fall out of trend soon. However how often do you make a pizza with the bold Indian “green chutney” ?

Mint and Coriander chutney, or what I call an Indian Pesto, makes the zesty sauce here. That makes all the difference.

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Pineapple Cranberry Chutney


Cranberry Pineapple Chutney 7453_1

One year flew by. Didn’t it?  Never to come back. Never to repeat. Never to offer us another chance.

Cranberry Pineapple Chutney 7441_2

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Saffron Shrikhand: Saffron Flavored Creamy Yogurt


Shrikhand 7358_5

Hello all and a very Happy New Year! We wish for the best and hope this year brings in the best for everyone.

I have been gone for a while: away from technology, and all social media,  spending the most precious time with my family for the past few weeks. It was indeed the long desired, required and a replenishing break for all of us. We are going to be missing one another now. But life has to move ahead, right? I hope all of you have had a good holiday as well and is ready to start this year.


Saffron 7338_1


I will start this year with a simple, untainted and yet a very graceful recipe: Shrikhand  –  a popular side dish or a dessert from the western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.


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