Granola, Yogurt and Strawberry Parfait





Just because spring is here!





Calling in everything new and fresh…



I need to glorify some days just because they are. Bright, cloudless skies, sun kissed blossoms and the sweet smell of spring – all of them together hatched an awakening inside me. The kind that makes you feel entirely at peace and so happy that the mirth bubbles out of you. Just like that. There is no seeking for reason. These are the times I really want to kneel down and be thankful for all that I have.



We also need to observe spring because it is the time our first little bundle of joy came in our lives, changing it forever. Twelve years back. Twelve years! I still wonder how so many of these years with uncountable days in between flew by. The past weekend she celebrated her birthday, while we tried to find connections between the howling baby we brought back home and the way she has blossomed now.





This is life! Beautiful, full of surprises and the intense love that the children make us  harbor within us .




The spring also got with it the little strawberry blooms in the yard which are filled with promises and hopes. I did say a little prayer asking them not to disappoint me. It is a pleasure to see the tiny strawberries even if we do not get to eat any. The bunnies and the birds are quicker than we are.


Strawberries Diptych 1

 that basket full of red is not from the yard…. but hopefully we will get there some day!



I stepped out with a smile,felt the warmth of the sun rays on me and found the first strawberries of the season, the roses and some very nutty granola.


rose diptych 1

homegrown roses


Once I got back, I spontaneously made myself a parfait for lunch.




A very spring inspired, rejuvenating  cup and incredibly delicious. So I had to take a couple of photographs, just because I am a food blogger and eating is incomplete without taking a few shots. And after I finished my lunch, I knew I had to add this to my repertoire of recipes, just because I added the ginger.





There is not much of a recipe here, unless you consider layering three delicious ingredients in a cup. However the candied ginger added the final zing to this deliciousness. The most impulsive combinations turn out the most delicious.


It is more of a breakfast parfait.  But it was my lunch and then it became a regular after school snack for the kids.




Granola, Yogurt and Strawberry Parfait



  1. granola (any kind you want. I have used some with plenty of nuts and toasted coconuts)
  2. whole milk organic yogurt or Greek yogurt, cold/chilled
  3. candied ginger, finely chopped
  4. honey/nectar or any sweetener if you want
  5. fresh strawberries (or any berries), chopped/sliced
  6. fresh mint, nuts, flax seed, chia seed or anything else you want to use
  7. nuts if you want to use (if the granola does not have nuts)




Whisk the yogurt,  the candied ginger and the sweetener/honey/or anything else you are using.

Combine the berries with mint and seeds if you are using any.

In a tall glass/serving cup,  layer yogurt, then granola, then the berries (or whatever order suits you). Repeat the sequence of layers if  you want.

Do similar layers in as many serving cups as you need.

Serve chilled.



Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Difficulty Level: Very Easy





Simone’s Spring Challenge


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17 comments to Granola, Yogurt and Strawberry Parfait

  • A delightful parfait! Homemade granola tastes so good.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!



  • Happy birthday to your daughter. The parfait looks brilliant soma. Just perfect for spring 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to your sweetie 🙂

    Granola parfait is awesome 🙂

  • That looks so perfect Soma! And congratulations with your daughter!! O and some of your pics would also be perfect for our spring inspired photo challenge of this month!

  • Apu

    Perfect!! Birthday greetings to the beautiful young lady!!

  • Oshadharon chobi!!!

    Happy birthday to your little one….
    ajker dine tomar jono ekta special chhora pathalam.


    আমি নাকি মাঝে মাঝে
    দুষ্টু ছেলে(meye) বড়ো ,
    আবার কখনো বা মিষ্টি হাসি
    লজ্জা জরসর .
    কখনো বা রেগে আগুন
    জেদে ছিঁড়ি চুল,
    কখনো বা গোমড়া মুখো
    যদিও আমি-ই ভুল।
    কখনো বা হাসির ফোয়ারা ,
    কারণ নেই কো জানা,
    কখনো আমি ফুটফুটে ছেলে(meye)
    আহ্লাদে আটখানা।
    কখনো বা ছিঁচকাঁদুনে
    দু চোখ করি লাল ,
    কখনো বা অভিমানে
    ফুলিয়ে থাকি গাল।
    মা কে বলি ,”এত রূপের
    কোনটা তোমার প্রিয়?”
    মা বলে, “বহুরুপির
    সব রূপ-ই অতুলনীয় ” !!!


  • Just trying to imagine the spring that bloomed in your lives 12 years back and has now blossomed into a beautiful young lady. God bless and loads of love to her. Of-course this is a beautiful recipe accompanied by even more beautiful pictures, but more than that a beautiful post:)

  • Happy Birthday to your lil one and what a beautifully written post Soma. Khub bhalo laglo pore 🙂

  • Hi Soma, how r u…..yeap u r right some days just makes U feel happy & smiley…b’coz they are just happy days. “Shuboh jonmoh din!” to your daughter. we also celebrated our daughters b’day over the weekend…and weather over here is also getting perfect for these delicious parfait’s

  • Happy bday to your daughter – Kids definitely change your life so much-everything seems to be so nice and beautiful 🙂
    Love granola esp with fresh berries
    Nice clicks 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!

    Lovely spring clicks! And colorful produce definitely makes the season even more celebratory 🙂

  • Wow, that simply looks delicoius 😀 i love parfaits..

  • Love the way you played with light and shade in the rose pictures 🙂 Hugs to your baby gal.

  • […] are loving this gorgeous image by Soma any less though.. This image breaths Spring season for me. Lovely strawberries and the human element in this image really makes it special for me. And apparently also for the […]

  • […] we are loving this gorgeous image by Soma any less though..This image breaths Spring season for me. Lovely strawberries and the human element in this image really makes it special for me. And apparently also for the […]

  • […] loving this gorgeous image by Soma any less though.. 😉 This image breaths Spring season for me. Lovely strawberries and the human element in this image really makes it special for me. And apparently also for the […]

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