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  • My mom used to make us this every summer and today I had some friends coming over and breaking my head as to what to make for drinks and now I know what I’m making!! thanks for inspiring. Have fun my friend!

  • I hope you will have a great vacation from the place you where born. It is really nice reminiscing childhood. just enjoy

  • have a great holiday Soma, everyone deserves breaks hope you have a n amazing time with ur family there! and come back with loads of memories :)

  • Soma, have a great vacation. I bet you will have a good time. Home is always like that :)

  • Have a wonderful holiday back home and wishing you all a safe journey.

  • Love the combination of flavors. When I first read the title, I thought one of those chinese dumplings (I think they are called mimosa, or may be not). But, this is a wonderful and pleasant surprise :)

  • What a refreshing and divine summer drink!

    Have agreat holiday! We all need a break now and then…



  • This drink looks so refreshing and with mango I can imagine how summer-y the drink will taste :) You have tons and tons of fun back at home and you totally deserve this LONG break.
    I will miss you dear.. so come back soon!

  • This looks so refreshing and tempting. Feel like grabbing a glass right from the screen :)

  • I’ve been meaning to make something like this for a while and your photos really made me go, “This is the one!” I hope you enjoy your trip back to India. I’m sure it’s changed a lot in those years you’ve been away. I haven’t been there in ages and I’m expecting a totally different place than the one I knew during childhood. Thanks for sharing this fun drink. Cheers. :)

  • Sra

    Have a great vacation!

  • Have a wonderful trip and make the most of those mangoes. :)

  • Beautiful clicks and what a wonderful refreshing combination. Wish I could taste this for real!

  • Have a wonderful time Soma. Kolkata brings back so many fond memories; do have a sandesh or two in my name ;-)

  • Love the touch of mint! Have fun!

  • Yum, how perfect for a hot day!

  • Great food photography! Nice use of light in your food pics! Enjoying the recipes too!

  • Hope your vacation is off to a grand start, Soma!

  • The photographs are wonderful (as usual) and the drink does sound very refreshing. Mango in mimosas sounds better than orange juice, certainly.
    And I hope you have a fabulous wonderful time in India. And that you can you replenish your stash of your wonderful Darjeeling tea…

  • Have a wonderful visit in India! In the meantime, I’ll be sipping some minty mango mimosas during the summer heat.

  • On the hunt for simple things to do with mangoes as the season provides them in abundance in all their perfumed, delicious juiciness. I never thought of a kind of mango bellini! Happy travels.

  • Hope you’re having a fabulous time in India Soma! Looking forward to hear all your stories once you’re back..

  • Joan

    This looks so yummy and I just happen to have some of the canned mango pulp I got so guess what I’m making this weekend :)

    But I had a question about the proportions…am I reading it right? 3 parts of canned mango pulp for 1 part of sparkling wine? Won’t that be really thick…like a milkshake?

    Not sure what kind of mango pulp you have. We use the Alphonso Mango pulp and it is not that dense. It is runny and not the pasty kind. If yours look denser that you would like, just add more wine/sparkling water until you get the desired consistency! hoe you like it… well just noticed that the recipe mentions 3 cups of mango nectar not the pulp. If you are using the pulp it’s 1.5 cups!

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