Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich/lunch for kids/school lunch

For my little princess who will eat nothing but – a Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich for her school lunch.

I have been through this kind of “phase” before with the big sister, who took butter and cucumber tea sandwich to her preschool for two years. While it is really alright and a easy to pack the lunch box, I wonder how one can eat the same thing for that long!

Not that I am complaining and some have been wondering what magic spell we dusted on her, to have her eat and want something so healthy.  But I have not done anything.  This girl loves Hummus, at least for now. She will even lick the spoon that stirs the Hummus. I am kind of holding my breath right now and not wanting this obsession to be over too soon.

I have talked about the weekly food calendar we make for school lunch. The sandwich is all that goes in there for my 5 year old. Sometimes she will add a pouch of Go-Gurt. And of course a Hershey’s Kisses with some kisses from mommy. It is so hard letting go of her in the mornings. All dressed, hair tied, shoes laced up and the big backpack hanging well below her dress, she walks away after a big hug and a kiss; the day begins for us, but I feel kind of drained for the first half hour, I miss her so bad. But I know time will make it better. It did with my 10 year old… all but a part of life but letting go ain’t easy.

And and little note from me keeps her smiling and secured…

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich with a note from mommy

Well there is nothing much to a Hummus and Cuke Sandwich; other than some Hummus and Cucumber… and I still decided to post this; not much for a recipe but more for the records.

Cucumber – nice, fresh ones. The less seeds the better.


Slice them fine, so they do not make the sandwich fall open on the tiny little hands.


No magic dust, but a drizzle of red pepper or freshly ground black pepper, if the child can tolerate it. But of course it is optional.

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich

Slices of bread, lightly toasted. I usually use the seedless Rye Bread. The firm texture holds up better than the regular sliced bread and these do not get “soggy”. (These below are not the Rye Bread).

bread slices/Cucumber Hummus Sandwich/easy lunch sandwich

Homemade Chickpea and Walnut Hummus.

Hummus/chickpea walnut hummus

A very generous smear of Hummus on both the slices. This ensures the slices stick well with the cucumber in between.

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich/easy lunch sandwich

and lunch is ready…Oh! yes! and a note from mommy sealed with a kiss.

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich/school lunch

Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich


  1. bread, sliced – any kind you like
  2. Chickpea Walnut Hummus – or any other store bought or homemade Hummus  (my recipe and link follows)
  3. Cucumber, very thinly sliced
  4. red crushed pepper or freshly ground black pepper

For Chickpea Walnut Hummus:

  1. 1/4 cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  2. 1/2 teaspoon paprika (more or less to suit your taste)
  3. 1/4  cup walnuts, lightly toasted
  4. 1 cup cooked (or canned) Garbanzo beans/Chickpeas/Chana, drained
  5. 1 clove garlic
  6. 1/2 tablespoon white sesame seeds, very lightly toasted
  7. 1 tablespoon Lemon juice
  8. 1/4 cup  (approx) hot water or cooking liquid of the chickpeas


Making the Hummus:

Process the walnuts a  in the food processor,  until they are coarsely ground/of  sandy texture.

Add the garbanzos/chickpeas,  olive oil, sesame seeds, garlic, paprika and lemon juice and part of the water. Now process until smooth. Drizzle in the water a bit at a time and puree more, until the hummus is creamy. Taste, adjust the seasoning – more salt, more lemon juice, etc.

To assemble the sandwich:

Light toast the bread slices. But this is optional.

Peel the cucumber if you want. Slice the cucumber very very thin.

Smear Hummus on both slices of bread. Layer the cucumber slices on the Hummus over one slices. Top this with the other slice of the bread, the Hummus side down.

Slice the sandwich into bite size pieces with a sharp knife, if you wish. I usually make 4 squares or 4 triangles out of a sandwich.

Cucumber Hummus Sandwich

The hummus filled sandwiches are on their way to Susan’s MLLA -39, hosted at What would Cathy Eat?

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33 comments to Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich

  • Kaushiki

    Jio kaka….will try….Kolkata and hummus not tried before but heard a lot…. Also add a Basic chicken sandwich please….

    kolkata te bagher dudh o pawa jaye.. the olive oil which is the only not so common item here is sure available! give it a try. I kids LOVE hummus. they have it with naan, paratha, vegetables and even chips 🙂

  • GORGEOUS pictures and a nice, simple recipe for keeps.

  • That is a lovely sandwich! A great combination. So fresh and scrumptious.



  • Hah! This is just what I put in my little munchkin’s lunchbox today- only I added tomatoes because he is a tomato fanatic. I’ve never thought to toast the bread- thanks for the tip! Lovely pics!

  • A.MAZ.ING.

    I could snuggle inside that thing.

  • nishi

    What a wonder ful sandwich Soma. Loved the shot of the hummus and the “momma loves you note” is so cute 🙂

  • Aww..that is so sweet! We’re on a similar kick here, except it is with cream cheese 🙂 Should try smuggling in a little hummus. The pics are very pretty!

  • ki sundor post ta. loved reading about this lunch box saga. amaro din asche siggiri.

  • That actually looks quite delicious!

  • Touching narration Soma..Nice clicks and simple,yet wonderful recipe.

  • Yummy sandwich! Superb clicks!!!

  • yummy looking sandwiches Soma

  • My mom says that even I used to be like that. I will ask her for the same dish over and over again. Like butter,pudina chutney, cucumber sandwich or lemon rice and potato. My mom till date sounds frustrated by that kind of same food routine. So I can understand Soma 🙂
    I love hummus, you know what I do for picnics, finely chopped celery, carrots and cucumber and mix it with hummus and then grilled the bread. Well, makes no difference in taste whether its cucumber or carrot or celery, just that more veggies in food. 🙂

  • This is surely going to be part of my lunch soon. The sandwich looks so good plus its healthy!

  • As a kid my brother used to eat only fruits and I used to drink only milk 🙂 I am getting some idea from this sandwich recipe .. i like hummus with pita bread as usual but never tried with sandwich. You lil one is too cute .. just give her whatever she wants !

  • Soma,
    Talk about school lunch boxes! Every week I rack my brain to find some variety within familiar boundaries.. sending kids to school is nothing compared to the challenge lunch box poses!
    we love hummus sandwiches too.. made a roasted bell pepper hummus sandwich after I saw your post.. 🙂

  • First time here and a very nice space with lot of recipes. Love to follow u.. sandwiches are always a welcome at any time..

    Do visit my space if time permits

  • Soma, this is a neat idea for a lunch box. I like the persian cucumbers better. They don’t have a lot of seeds.
    Have to try my hand at making hummus now.

  • Ooooooh my fav one soma.. make this very very often…. Eventhough I make this all the time still love to have anytime and many times too. Always ur pictures are mindblowing….

  • this is one fun sandwich and you did make the most of it with the addition of nice fatty acids from walnuts and sesame seeds. these will make for some cool small starter sandwiches too!

  • I never thought of this combination before… but I bet I’d love it! Sounds great!

  • Lakshmi

    Never thought of hummus-cucumber combination before. will sure try it. im always at loss thinking what to do for next days lunch box.

  • What a touching story; thanks for sharing! And those pictures — wow! Hm. I have hummus and cucumbers in my fridge … I think I know what’s for lunch tomorrow!

  • Lovely simple yet amazingly easy recipe loaded with protien and vitamins!


  • Ah, this is one of my favorite combinations for a quick, light picnic lunch. You’ve made something so simple look absolutely stunning.

  • That looks delicious, even if it is only a sandwich.. lol.. I went through phases like that when I was a kid but I can’t remember it was with anything so healthy so yes, you should be quite happy about that.
    I love, love the look of that hummus and since I am still in search of the ultimate hummus recipe, this might be a good try. I love the addition of walnuts.. (don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a hummus recipe?)

  • You’re a great mom and I’m sure your kids feel so loved =D. I love hummus sandwiches too. I always order one from Cosi with cucumber, banana peppers, and tomatoes. So fresh!

  • I’m going to make this sandwich for lunch today! Wonderful photos; thanks for sharing!

  • You have made sandwiches look so beautiful! They look awesome!

  • Oh, they do have their phases! I smile when I read about mom-experience…It’s amazing how they can keep eating one item for a long time!

  • simple and sensible is what i’ll call it..perfect for the pre-dinner hunger pangs.

  • I tried it too, but mine seems to be rather dry and less paste-like….am I missing something? I used soaked and boiled chickpeas. The taste for the sandwich was gud though i wud love to get the exact consistancy.


    If the hummus was dry i think you would need to add water/liquid. If you have cooked the chickpeas at home… save the liquid. I use some of that liquid. Or use olive oil or lemon juice.. or adjust all three to taste.. hummus needs to be creamy.

    hope this helps.


  • Beverley

    Recipe is great. Not happy to see plastic waterbottles in the pictures. Let’s respect the environment too!

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