My Bunnies were happy too…

Happy Bunnies

This was a quick fix for “something fancy” craving of my daughter. She is voraciously hungry when she gets back from school, and one of these days she wanted “something yummy like pizza or chips”. It wasn’t dinnertime yet, and I would not give her Doritos. So I made her a “happy bunny” healthy snack. She was very excited with the idea but got really impatient when everything was ready and her tummy was growling and I was taking pictures. Well it had to be done. She knows that by now.

I cut out bread slices with a bunny cookie cutter and spread some salsa I had in the refrigerator, sprinkled some cheese and made eyes out of olives. It took less than 5 minutes of baking. Then the bunnies were made to sit in a garden.
I got almost no time for pictures. The background music of “are you done yet?” rang loud and clear during the 1 click I got…Well after the photograph, the bunnies were gone, garden and all in less than 12 minutes!!

This is going to The LunchBox Special hosted by Cooking up Something Nice.


  1. Bread slices(white/wheat/whole grain)
  2. Cheese (Shredded)
  3. Vegetables for salad and topping (choose any of your favorite)
  4. Sauce
  5. Shape Cutter

Be flexible in all the above ingredients. Any bread, any cheese, any veggies or sauce.. as mentioned above, I used salsa….

Use shredded cheese, or grate it if you happen to have it in any other form.

Cut the Bread Slices in your favorite shape, spread the sauce, add the vegetables, sprinkle the cheese and bake till the bread is crisp but not too hard to bite.

Decorate any way you want. This was just for an idea. It gets to be more fun when the child is involved in making the decision in what shape or theme and then they are allowed to help and garnish.


Note: Use any veg for the salad and to top the animals or anything you create. I have used lettuce and red radishes here. But I have used cucumber, beans, broccoli and peas to grow the garden above during other times.

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