Marinated Feta Cheese


Feta often called “Pickled Cheese”  is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in countries of the Balkan Peninsula (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey etc). Feta cheese  forms an important part of the Mediterranean cuisine.


The Greek word “feta” comes from the Italian word fetta (“slice”) and that from Latin offa “bite, morsel”. It was introduced into the Greek language in the 17th century, likely referring to the method of cutting the cheese in thin slices to serve on a plate (Wiki). Feta has gone international now, but the ones produced in Greece are still claimed to be the best and authentic.

This is an aged cheese with grainy texture, salted and cured in a brine solution for several months; it  is white, cut into square cakes, and can range from soft to semi-hard, with a tangy, salty flavor that can range from mild to sharp. The cured cheese easily crumbles. It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads, pastries and in baking, mostly in the popular phyllo-based dishes & is combined with olive oil and vegetables.

At the end of the post I have added some Storing Tips for Feta Cheese.


I love Feta in my salads & smeared on the bread, but it tastes the best with some flavors in it. Hence the Marinated Feta… I have used Suganya’s Recipe (From Tasty Palettes) as a base recipe & added some roasted Red Peppers to it for extra texture, flavor & sweetness.

Marinated Feta Cheese


  1. Feta cheese cut into cubes
  2. Rosemary (Feel free to use any herbs you may want; basil, bay leaves, thyme etc)
  3. Crushed Red Pepper  (Or Peppercorns)
  4. Roasted Red Peppers
  5. Olive Oil (make sure you use a good one)
  6. Slightly roasted Cumin & Coriander ( Optional; I haven’t used it here, but if you want some spices .. for some smoky flavor, you can add it)


In a clean, non-reactive bowl/jar, (Glass bowls work great) place the feta cubes.

Add the  herbs, spices (if you are using them), crushed pepper and roasted red pepper. Try to stuff in the above ingredients in between the cheese layers. Fill with olive oil, cover the jar and leave it in the fridge for a few days, to allow the flavors to develop before you use it.

This would taste the best if used within a couple of weeks after making them.


How to use the Marinated Feta?

The Cheese tastes good as it is, but do try the marinated ones on a toast/crostini or crackers, for bruschetta, in salads or even in baking, cooking & pasta. I have used it to top my Farinata. Try them just by itself – they taste GOOD!

Try stuffing some small tomatoes with this marinated Feta…An easy to make, but simple & decadent food with endless possibilities. Sending this to BSI: Feta hosted by Zoe of Inspired Finds & Taste.


Storing of Feta Cheese:

Feta cheese is best when eaten fresh, so always check the date. If you will not be consuming it immediately, store feta cheese in a brine or milk bath. The milk bath will reduce the saltiness and help keep the cheese moist and mild in flavor. Properly stored in brine or milk and refrigerated, feta cheese will last up to 3 months. Feta cheese is not a candidate for freezing.” (Source)

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