Melon Boats

Melon Boats 5

This is one of those fun recipes which involves the kids in the kitchen. Summer is offering the bountiful fruits to cool us down. A trip to the Whole Food market last week made us load our cart with these delightful little cantaloupes they were offering four for a dollar that day.

I have never seen a cantaloupe so little; abut 3-4 inches in diameter, & it was just perfect for this kitchen project. Every now & then we get a magazine from “Texas Power” which promptly goes to the recycle bin.  As I carelessly flipped through the pages before tossing it, I saw this cute colorful pictures of the melons filled with jello & fruits – a summer fruit salad! The tiny cantaloupes came just in time.

We got busy immediately to make our fruit filled melon boats.

Melon Boats 7

Melon Boats


  1. 1 Melon (Cantaloupe, Honey Dew or Watermelon)
  2. 2 Small Packets of Flavored Jello (Use any flavor you would like; I used Blue & Dark Cherry) – you would need more/less depending on the size of the melon
  3. Chopped Fruits (any combination of fruits you have in mind – I used peaches & pears along with some of the scooped out cantaloupe)

Note: Keep in mind that some fruits like pineapple & guava will not allow the Jello to set; so avoid those fruits.


Cut the melon in half.

Remove the seeds & discard (in a Cantaloupe or Honey Dew; try to get a seedless Watermelon if you are using one ).

Scoop out some of the fruit from each half,  to make space for the jello & fruit filling while leaving some flesh to bite into. (See the pictures) – Save the scooped out melons.

Prepare Jello as per instructions; Pour the Jello into the Melon halves.

Chop the fruits including some of the melons you scooped out & stir them in carefully in the liquid jello in the melons.

Chill in the refrigerator till the Jello sets.

Melon Boats 2

Cut into slices/boats. Serve chilled.

Melon Boats 4

This is an excellent kitchen project to do with kids. They will be able to help  with scooping & mixing the jello & of course the greatest fun comes when the jello sets & they get their own boats. Any kind of melon can be used for this, & try to choose your jello with contrasting colors for more colorful fun.

Melon Boats 6

Now let us Mingle with the Melons; Meeta’s Monlthy Mingle is being hosted at Chew on That. Sending melon boats to the mingle, the theme being the Marvelous Melons this time.

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