Light Tomato Coconut Soup

The morning cup of tea, and then quite an elaborate breakfast, which soon led to a royal lunch, followed by more tea and snacks and then a lavish dinner either at a restaurant or relation or farm. This defines the indulgence we had in India during our recent visit.



Chilled Yogurt Mint and Nut Soup

Featured in the Kitchn, Dressed Up Yogurt and Apple Pie Pop Tarts.

This is an extremely desirable drink during the hot summer months. Yes I said “summer”. I am home in India and experiencing the true Indian summer after 16 years! That number shocks and surprises me. 16 [...]


Aamer Ombol – Chilled Green Mango Soup or Cooler

If you looking for some exotic drink or soup to cool you down, this is for you. Aam is Mango and Ombol (pronoun: “awm-bol”) is a traditional sweet and tangy cooler or a chilled soup which will refresh you.We are at the peak of summer; bright and hot with the temperature sliding easily over [...]


Pepper Soup

Yes, another Roasted Bell Pepper recipe, but a “Chilled” one this time. Those of you who regularly visit me must have already realized that I am fascinated with bell peppers.



Spinach Soup with Potato & Fried Garlic

Another of my Mom’s recipe, which I haveĀ  always loved & will always hold close to my heart. It is my comfort food – a simple spinach soup, with all in a bowl & one dominant flavor of fried garlic, & this had always been all of our favorite.

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