Pickled Chili Peppers

Pickled Chili Pepper 2

This pickle is not for the fainthearted. It breathes fire, crunches with a bite, smells of abundant spices and tastes fantastic.Β  This one cannot be compared to the pretty peppers soaked in vinegar and spice; they will get you teary eyed if you are not used to the heat, but will tantalize your senses – a very Indian Pickle.

Before I move on, I apologize for not visiting your blogs as frequently as I need to. Often times I am quick browsing the blogs when I am getting time, but not leaving a word. Sometimes I have to hit the “Mark as all read” in the reader, as the posts are accumulating beyond my time! So sorry about that. I need to attend to certain things, and after spending time with my kids and activities, there is just not enough time in the day. All the lack of time and energy is contributing to my slowed down blog, and the lousy photographs. But I promise I will come back in a few months time.

Here is big basket of peppers from my yard. I have never had so much hot peppers together in my home before. Pretty much at loss at how to use them, I posted the question in FB. I contemplated making Hot Green Chili Sauce with them and preserving them on the shelf until the next summer; but my situation has still not got better, and I am just about managing to make the daily meals for my family. I had to give up on the sauce, but one suggestion from the Facebook post stuck to me; pickle! Here is the recipe of a quick pickle with low shelf life. The pickle is supposed to be made fresh, may be a day or two ahead for the best taste. The heat mellows, the spices infuse and it is ready in few minutes.

Chili Peppers

Now let’s go “pick a peck of pickled pepper“…

Pickled Chili Pepper 3

Pickled Chili Peppers


30 – 40 Hot Green Chili Peppers (Like Thai Bird), Slit or chopped into small pieces

For the Spices:

  1. 4 Teaspoons Whole Mustard
  2. 1/2 Teaspoon Fenugreek Seeds/Methi Seeds
  3. 3/4 Teaspoon Nigella Seeds/Kalonji
  4. 2 Teaspoons Fennel Seeds
  5. A pinch of Asafotida/Hing
  6. A little less than 1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
  7. 4 Tablespoons of Oil – heat it to smoking Β (I have used Mustard Oil; Sesame, or Peanut oil can be used too)


Note: We like it spicy, so the seeds & the membranes of the peppers have been kept intact. IfΒ  if do not dare to take the heat, use gloves & remove the membranes and the seeds of the peppers.

Lightly toast all the spices in a skillet, till fragrant. Take care that they don’t get overcooked; they will turn bitter. Cool them & dry grind all the toasted spices together.

Combine Hot Chili Peppers, spices, lemon juice & oil together. Toss well. Let it sit for at least a day for all the flavors to combine well.

Serve with Indian/Mediterranean Flat Breads, in Salads, Soups , in Burgers or as a side dish. I love mine as a side with couscous, bulgur, orzo, rice.

To Store: Refrigerate in an air tight non reactive container. Will stay good and fresh forΒ  up to a week. The fire mellows as it sits longer.

Pickled Chili Pepper 1

If you do not a very spicy pickle, pick some chili peppers which are low on fire. The spices with the fresh peppers still taste good without the extreme heat.

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