Rose Milk – for PINKTOBER

Mentioned in The Kitchn!

Rose Milk is simply a blend of milk and tender fragrant rose petals. It is simple but elegant and conjures up an image which is truly unique and very much like a fairy tale; dreamy pretty pink (hmmm…not exactly), exotic and meant just for girls and […]


Yogurt with Rose and Pomegranate

Saffron flavored yogurt layered with fresh pomegranates and rose petals – a dessert fit for royalty.



The Splendor of Spring

Here are some signs of Spring 2009! Some of them are taken at & around home. We had been to the Dallas Arboretum, where it was just a feast to the eyes & soul! Every season they have a whole new look, with seasonal flowers. Some more pictures are in My Flickr!


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