The Splendor of Spring

Here are some signs of Spring 2009! Some of them are taken at & around home.Β  We had been to the Dallas Arboretum, where it was just a feast to the eyes & soul! Every season they have a whole new look, with seasonal flowers.Β  Some more pictures are in My Flickr!


Giant Purple Iris, Dallas Arboretum


Poppy, Dallas Arboretum


Spring Green


Our Weed! – The Much Hated Dandelion.


Cat Mint, Dallas Arboretum

More Dallas Arboretum photos are in Arjun’s Flickr

Now Spring in my Kitchen & For the Love of Roses…..

A little update here, a change of decision. I am not sending the The Saffron Yogurt Mousse with Rose Petal Honey to CLICK.. Have struck it out. The Easter Buns are going instead. I have updated the Original Post for the Slovenian Easter Buns.

Velikonocni Kruhki: Slovenian Easter/Spring Buns


Spring in our Our Front Yard – Hot & Colorful


We have another 2 rose bushes on the left side of the walkway…These 4 bushes were my Mother’s Day Gift 2 years back, two bushes for each of our 2 blooms we have..:-D

With all these flowers growing wild I guess there are quite a few things I can do, right? If you are using Rose Petals in you Kitchen & Home, make sure they are free of all chemicals, pesticides & sprays. Wash & clean them well to get rid of dirt & insects.


Rose Petal Honey in making…(The fresh petals & the honey just combined)

Sending this to Grow Your Own, hosted at The House of Annie, created by Andrea of Andreas’ Recipes.Β 

Look for the fantastic home growns.. The Round Up.

Roses from your Garden to your Kitchen :

  1. Rose Water to use in your desserts
  2. Make some Rose Petal Honey
  3. Sprinkle some Fresh Fragrant Petals on the Salad
  4. Make Rose Petal Jam
  5. Crush some Petals in your Icecream or Yogurt
  6. Make fragrant Herbal Tea/Cooler Drink with the Petals & Rose Hips
  7. Bake a cake with the petals & Rose Water Essence
  8. Add them to Cookies & Scones
  9. Make Rose Infused Butter
  10. Make Sandwiches with the Rose Infused Butter
  11. Rose Wine sounds great too!
  12. Candied Flower Petals
  13. Make Gulkand


For the Sweet Fragrance of Rose…

  1. Refresh yourself by splashing some rosewater on your skin
  2. Make a face mask with rose petals
  3. Brighten up your home with a bouquet
  4. Use as potpourri
  5. Put the petals in a crockpot with some water to have your home smelling splendid
  6. Give a gift of Rose or a Rose Plant
  7. Get Romantic
  8. I send a few roses from my garden once in while to appreciate my friends and family. It always feels good to see that instant shine & twinkle from the receiving end!

The Backyard Scene is a little different….


Six Baby Bunnies Huddle in a Hole


And one adventurously wandered off…

Every Single day it has become a part of our daily schedule to observe these sweet little things. Early morning & about 7.30 in the evening, the Mommy comes & feeds the babies, all of them together! However one little one (the one above probably) always stays alone. We do not know when it feeds. After a week, they are stronger now, & have started hopping around a few feet of radius. Yaa! another set of bunnies getting ready to destroy my plants!:-D

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Saffron Yogurt with Rose Petal Honey

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25 comments to The Splendor of Spring

  • Wow i loved the pictures, you are very lucky to have roses bushes in your garden πŸ™‚ Saffron Yogurt Mousse with Rose Petal Honey is just perfect for the click event πŸ™‚

  • Gorgeous photos, loving the Spring. Enjoy the dessert and warm weather Soma! πŸ™‚

  • Awww, those bunnies are too cute! Of course, if they were in my yard and started to graze on MY food, I’d have serious thoughts about turning them into food as well…

  • beautiful pictures soma.. who took them? u or ur hubby?

    Me Me !! The ones in Arjun’s FLICKR account are taken by him:-D In the posts if any pictures are taken by him, I always mention:-)

  • I came here at my lunch break and look at what I find. The pictures are beautiful. The saffron yogurt Mousee is to die for!

  • That mousse looks heavenly and I love the gorgeous rose petals! Excellent!

  • sandeepa

    Ki shundor bagan tomar. Texas e winter kemon ?

    Texas e gorom praye 2 maash 90 – 100+.. Oct – mid dec.. very very pleasant. Thanda pore, besh bhaloi.. like it has gone down till 18 too.. last 2 years (we have been here 3 years) it snowed light 2-3 times. Kintu generally bhison frost hoye.. its really bad & dangerous. Now from march it’s heaven πŸ™‚ thru the day.. it fluctuates a lot.. typical dessert type… like from early morning till night the difference of temperature might be as big as 40 degrees!

  • Hi Soma, I just came to know that you stay in Dallas, as you have mentioned about Dallas Arboretum. I too stay in Dallas. Good to know that. Photos are fabulous..

    Yes Ashwini I am in Dallas ( in the suburbs) too!!

  • It doesn’t get prettier than that.

  • Beautiful! Soma. I know the bunnies are damn cute till they start nibbling on the plants πŸ™‚

  • I’m dumbstruck!!
    Excellent pictures..Wish i could have a garden like yours πŸ™‚

  • mohana

    breath-taking photos !!!! its not just the beauty of nature..its also the eye of the photographer n the skill of the hands !!

  • Awesome pictures, eyecatching and picturesque and the best of spring is all here…

  • My my are one lucky gal..Now I know why you are not interstes to be my neighbor..:D..Rose Bushes n bunnies n those cute dandelions;)..wat more could anyone ask for..I am all jealous..k?:D..
    psst psst..I f you dont like those Bunnies,pls courier them to my address..k??

    Oh! we simply adore those bunnies.. all I ask from them is give me patch of garden where i could grow my veggies .. they have all the yard to play & eat:-) No really they are too cute, we do have a real good time with them. No dandelions are not cute.. we are having weeds growing all over the place & not time to take care of them.

  • Cham

    Rose bush in two years has grown like monster! Gosh, I ve roses but tea and hybrid and mini, Love the bunnies, sure they will start hunting ur plants. Excellent spring blossom.

    Cham they did grow like crazy!! This was our first rose purchase & we had no idea! But we did not prune/or shape them in these two years, which we need to do this time. The are bunnies plenty of different generations:-) & they are always hunting. but they do leave the roses & few others alone…

  • Wow beautiful pics…..awesome roses…..Nice entry…

  • beautiful pictures…and great entry

  • Hi Soma,
    Lovely snaps….loved every single snap, ur kiddos are very cute πŸ™‚
    What a perfect walkway with rosebushes to! thanks for so many tips from rose petals. The bunnies are so cute…lol it’s gonna be adventurous for u henceforth soma to protect ur plants from these cuties. The clarity of ur snaps are praiseworthy!
    Enjoy the weekend!

    Suparna, not henceforth..:-D there are too many bunnies around.. i have not been able to grow any veggies except in high pots where they cannot reach:-) every year they are growing in hundreds..these ones here will only join the team

  • jaya

    khob bhalo pics ..sothi mone hoye onek khon dekhte thaki..:))..
    hugs and smiles

  • Beautifully captured spring beauty.The rose honey looks so delectable.Bunnies must be fun to watch,my little one would be so excited to see one.

  • Ki shundor! πŸ™‚
    Darun snaps!

  • Spring the most beautiful season for me. Because everything is lively and fresh. Flowers grow back which is amazing. Nice blog man!

  • […] The talented Soma of eCurry (Texas, USA) collected rose petals from plants around her home to make Rose Petal Honey. […]

  • Nicole

    Hi from East Texas! I saw your gorgeous rose bushes while looking up rose bushes! I’m fixing to plant some and could I ask you a few questions? … How close did you plant yours? I want mine to be very “filled in” looking and thick but everyone warns against planting too close. Did you put anything additional in the dirt when you planted? … And the most important question… If you were me, would you hesitate to plant wax myrtles next to these? I’ve heard Knockouts quit blooming as much when in shade and I was really torn because I needed these wax myrtles for privacy and I was wanting to mix them in the flowerbed but scared that when the wax myrtles get to be taller it will not provide enough sun for the roses. Any thoughts? P.S. Like everyone else I flipped over your bunny! I never knew Dallas had rabbits!! I’ve never seen one where I live!

    Hi there!

    Ours “were” about three feet away and yes they grew taller than five ft! They do need a LOT of sun and heat. We had one in shade and it did not do very well, not sure for the shade or the rain we had in extremes. Sad to tell you that we had to cut down all our four bushes as they could not handle the excess rain we had and every bush in our area had fungus on them πŸ™
    We had dirt and would fertilize it with special rose fertilizer. Bunnies? I cannot grow anything in my yard for those bunnies. We probably have a 100 in our yard !! and babies now in spring. Not so fun!

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