Barley and Spinach Fall Salad with Maple Syrup Vinaigrette

Barley and Spinach Fall Salad

This recipe got featured in the Maple Syrup World.

Yellow, red and orange, may be some brown too. I am slowly getting used to the pleasantly chilly morning and the evening and the comfortable nip in the air. There are not more than a few leaves turned red right now – that is where we live, in the midst of Texas.

But autumn is beautiful around the bend of the road.


Oklahoma, only 3 hours drive up north is a different world. It is not the peak of fall yet in the Southern States, but we did experience some colors. The hills are beautiful and even more beautiful is the way they reflect in the lake.


The lodge we stayed for the weekend was inside the park and right on the lake – a rustic room with not many conveniences. But who needs luxury when you can see the sun rise over the lake from your bed? We sat on the porch all wrapped up  in robes, blankets and the charm of the dawn and saw the sky and the clouds take on the color and slowly spread the paint over to the hills and the shimmering  misty lake. The picture will be more eloquent than my words…


Photo: by Arjun

Well back home now, and I am still in a trance, wanting to go back to the magic. The limbs feel heavy and I do not want to do anything but sit by the lake and skip rocks with A and the kids. But live moves one.

We missed the fresh figs again this year, but the pomegranates are here. My daughter can eat 3 whole pomegranates at one go and I am not exaggerating. In our home these jewels don’t get much chance to be cooked with, so we quickly eat them right out of their skin.


The inspirations for the salad are Nicole’s Fall Salad & Karina’s Quinoa Salad. With summer temperatures here, one does not really get into the autumn mode of lifestyle as the rest of the world. But with quite a few bunches of spinach in my yard the pears, pomegranates and the nuts, this one definitely qualified as a  pretty good  fall salad.

Barley and Spinach Fall Salad

I did not really mean to post this, so no measurements this time in the recipe. It is a Salad; which gives you the liberty to use whatever you want and what ever way you want it. I loved Karina’s idea of using maple syrup in the dressing and the rest of the ingredients of the dressing came together with different things on the shelf; but it was good – a little sweet, a little tart and a little spicy. Overall it was a very vibrant, healthy and satisfying lunch.

Barley and Spinach Fall Salad with Maple Syrup Vinaigrette


  1. baby spinach leaves
  2. barley ( I used pearl barley)
  3. pomegranate
  4. apple
  5. pear
  6. salted and roasted sunflower seeds/or pumpkin seeds
  7. lightly toasted walnut/pecans

For dressing:

  1. infused olive oil
  2. maple syrup
  3. wine vinegar
  4. red pepper flakes
  5. pomegranate molasses
  6. a pinch of salt


Cook the barley. I usually use twice the amount of water to the barley and boil them till they are softened and there is no more water left. (salt + barley + water). Set aside.

Take out the arils of the pomegranate. Chop the fruits. Wash the baby spinach (I used the leaves from my yard, so I had to give them a good rinse to get the dirt out).

In a bowl combine the leaves, fruits, nuts, and the cooked barley.

Whisk all the ingredients for the dressing; drizzle over the salad and toss well.

Barley and Spinach Fall Salad

Serve right away.

Barley and Spinach Fall Salad

And because I used the spinach from my yard, this is going to GYO#46, hosted by MomGateway.

Round Up of GYO #46.

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