The Purple Flowers

hydrangea 1 copy


Hydrandea: Endless Summer (a Mophead Hydrangea Variety) from my front yard. The plant was picked up at the nursery by my daughter, as the pink, purple & blue blooms all together in the same plant fascinated her. We planted this 3 years back & have been having joyous blooms from April to November. So far it has been easy to maintain inspite of the tremendous Texas heat. We have planted it in the shade & have to water it twice a day when the temperature goes beyond 100 degree F.

hydrangea 2 copy

See all that different colors in the same plant!

Endless Summer The Original has the unique ability to produce spectacular pink or blue blooms depending on the pH makeup of your soil. An alkaline soil produces pink flowers, while an acid soil produces blue flowers (you can buy a soil pH testing kit to test your soil). It is possible to manipulate the color of hydrangeas…” (Source)… Read more about Hydrangeas.


iris 1

This isΒ  Purple Iris is from Dallas Arboretum. “Iris is a genus of between 200–300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species.” (Wiki)

iris 2
The plant & the flowers were gigantic compared to the to the other Iris which were about knee high. It was taller than me ( I am 5’2″).


The first & the third photos are my entries for Purplicious. This is a Flower Fest hosted by Manisha of Indian Food Rocks! The color is Purple.

More photos of flowers at Home & Around: The Splendor of Spring

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