Mango Pancake with Saffron Cardamom Cream for Journey Kitchen

Mango Pancake

(Mentioned in Fine Cooking’s I’m Just Mad About Saffron and featured in the The Kitchn’s  Cinnamon Roll Cake and Mango Pancakes)

I was in the midst of a rocking good time polishing off the last one of our first boxful of mangoes, when Kulsum wrote to me and asked if I could do a guest post for her. Well, “of course” I said, and started brainstorming right away for a recipe with mangoes.

If you haven’t visited Kulsum of Journey Kitchen yet, you should do it right away. This sweet lady blogs about delicious food along with beautiful photographs; the recipes are of traditional Indian, Middle Eastern, fusion and also her very own wonderful creations.

We found one another probably a year back and have been in touch via our blogs, email and the other social media. It is not just the blog that keeps her busy, Kulsum is a student too, deftly managing a home, job,  school and a blog baby all at the same time.

While I lived in India, almost half of my life, I had never heard of the Bohra Cuisine.  It was from Journey Kitchen that I got introduced to this unique cuisine. Kulsum has a  beautiful detailed write up in her blog about the Bohra cuisine and culture, which is exotic yet familiar, enticing, and interesting.

I would like to thank Kulsum for not just  inviting me to guest post in her blog, but for being a really good friend all along.

Summer conjures up delectable memories – numbing silence in the late afternoons and the heat of the sun, the shade under the huge banyan tree, summer vacations, playing hide and seek in the sultry afternoons and mangoes! A parade of mangoes take place in India from April to early July. The fruit starts trickling down slowly into the market in the late spring and makes it with a blast during the summer months when we hear, see and smell only mangoes. Different varieties come by at their own times; in different colors and sizes.


We partied with mangoes;  not one or two, but buckets of them, immersed in cold water. Well those days are over. Also gone are the days of spending days in the  sprawling mango orchards, walking from one plantation to another picking mangoes straight from the trees. These were all parts of summer vacation and seems quite surreal now. But the memories of sucking out the pulp of the smaller mangoes from a tiny hole made at the tip, while the juice  dripped down our wrists and then the elbows, will remain vivid forever. This is something which I would love to do all over again.

Kulsum requested a breakfast/brunch kind of recipe. What sparked right away was a mango pancake, with some cream…

– a breakfast? a dessert? I am not sure. So I wrote back to her and she immediately agreed.

Please come join me at Journey Kitchen and what we have for you.

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