A Berry Minty Spritzer




Would you like a tall glass of sweet, muddled berries, all fresh, minty and carbonated, on a summer afternoon? If you want yours spiked, we have that too.



The calendar might say it is the last few days of summer and the dark and the cold is creeping up on us before we know it. But our parts of the world will come forward and prove you wrong with confidence. Sunny blue skies, swaying grass, the warmth and the berries – and we still have a plenty of all of them for now.





Texas won’t let go of summer so easily.




We are determined to make the best of it!  There is nothing more delightful than this sparkling drink with summer written all over it.


Muddle some berries with fresh mint.

Berries Diptych 2


Blend the rest of the berries with cranberry juice, or any juice you want…

Berries Diptych 1

Combine  everything else over crushed ice.





Drink to happiness and to health and savor the sweet summer.




A Berry Minty Spritzer 


  1. 12 oz mixed fresh berries (I have used raspberries and blackberries here, but any kind is good)
  2. 16 oz (about 2 cups) cranberry juice
  3. honey/agave nectar/sugar or any sweetener  – to taste
  4. a lot of fresh mint (I have used orange mint)
  5. lemon/lime soda (If you want to make it with alcohol, use Smirnoff or Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Sparkling Wine or the kind)
  6. fresh slices of lime or lemon  – whatever you want to use



Berries and juice and all liquid must be chilled.

Muddle half the amount of berries along with some mint leaves.

Combine cranberry juice, sweetener, and half the berries along with some fresh mint leaves and blend it.

Divide the muddled berries and mint in serving glasses. You may do it over crushed ice if you want. (too much ice might dilute the drink) . Divide and pour the blended juice and berries. Top it off with the soda or Smirnoff/Lemonade/Wine.

Add slices of lemon and more fresh mint.

Serve right away, very chilled and chill out.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Serves: 3
Difficulty Level: Very Easy

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