The Pink Breeze


We have been having our share of warm spring air, pretty flowers & nascent green leaves against the blue blue sky (although it seems to have wandered off for the past week, & the nasty cold has butted it’s ugly head again). I have been enjoying the outdoors with my kids, the smell of the freshly mowed grass & humming “The spring is in the air/I’ll see lovers everywhere/I’m singing a song…..” to myself. I also have been thinking Pink.

I thought of plain & simple The Pink Drink, & the playful The Pink Wink,  & even the elusive Pink Dream. But there had been pioneers before me, all those pinks were already taken. That meant  I had to think again….Well  now that  & I named my drink The Pink Breeze, (How is that?), I think I would definitely be more inclined to try out The Pink Breeze, instead of sipping  Pink Panties, or the Pink Elephant, Or even a Pink Squirrel

While I had been researching names, the master mind behind this pretty pink concoction is actually my better half.  With the uprising of the strawberry baskets in the stores during the season, he gently blended in the tropical flavors of the Pina Colada… & here we have for you the The Pink Breeze! or call it just a  Pinkolada🙂

For the lovers of alcohol & also the non lovers, we have presented here 2 versions of drink. Enjoy it as a cocktail in your next outdoor party ( & of course indoors) … or just serve it as a mocktail. It’s for everyone… And who else would I share this PINK POST  with but the FIC:PINK/ROSE hosted by Priya, & the brainchild of Sunshinemom of the Tongue Ticklers.


The Pink Breeze

Ingredients: (Serve 2)

  1. 5-6 Large Strawberries (Fresh or Frozen) + more for Garnish
  2. 1 Cup Ice Cubes (About 8-10)
  3. 3 oz Pina Colada Mix
  4. 3 oz White Rum ( We used Puerto Rican White Rum) [Optional: If  you want an Alcoholic Drink]

*Note:   Fresh Pineapple & Coconut Milk may be used to substitute the Pina Colada Mix.

Combine all the ingredients above & blend them in a blender.

It will a be Frozen Drink.

Garnish with Strawberries of any of your favorite fruit.


This is an extremely quick drink but the pleasure is endless. Just perfect for entertaining an outdoor spring or summer party!! Make it a without the alcohol &  some fresh fruits & it is a great drink for the little ones.. no sugar, no extra calories… Enjoy!

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