Sliwki W Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate)

Remember those Archie’s Galleries back in India? Valentine’s Day always stir up very special memories for me… all those times of courtship, of holding hands and spending hours browsing “Love” cards in the gallery along with other Love smitten college kids before the Valentine’s day. As silly as it sounds, it still puts a smile in our hearts:-) Yes I was 18 then… many eons ago, a part of that crowd in Archies as the Love Bug had bitten me too. Over the years the Archies cards have made ways to short sweet handwritten notes and little appreciations for one another. Many seasons have passed ( no we are not bald & old yet) –  the aura & warmth of those intense flaming times still remains strong between both of us. I would say, given a lot of time thru’ the day we would make everyday our Valentine Day.

When I saw this in Scott’s Blog (Real Epicurean),   I knew I had to make these for my sweetheart. I loved the idea of using a dry fruit to coat with chocolate & using a nut with it-A Perfect Balance of Taste & I knew he would love it. Here it goes to Alka’s (of Sindhi Rasoi), JUST FOR YOU!!  

I have not done a perfect job in my craftsmansip like Scott did. You can see the uneven & the chipped off part of the chocolate in the picture, but they still tasted delicious:-). It is also done a little differently than the recipe I followed. I used Spiced Rum, added Nutella (to fill in all the nook & crevices with chocolate), & also an extra layer of white chocolate with the crunch of the cookies. These Plums in Chocolates were off limits for kids, since I used Rum in them.

World Nutella Day 2009 Today is World Nutella Day! So how about some Nutella Play on the World Nutella Day? Here is my 3 yr old Princess making her own Nutella  Sandwich…

These are going to the World Nutella Day 2009 declared by Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso (and Shelley from At Home in Rome, in spirit), hosted here.

Coming back to the Sliwki W Czekoladzie…. 

I am not writing the exact proportions.. made only about 6-8 of these, but will definitely make more again soon. The prunes have been soaked in spiced rum, which is optional too. it just makes it a little more adult oriented…


  1. Hazel Nuts & Almonds (I stuffed some with Hazelnuts & some with Almonds)
  2. Nutella
  3. Pitted Prunes (Same number as the nuts as one will go in each prune)
  4. Rum (to soak the prunes. I have used Spiced Rum) – about 2 tablespoons
  5. Chocolate (dark, milk, semi sweet – anything you want)
  6. Any kind of  White Chocolate ( I used the Hershey’s “Cookies ‘N’ Creme White Chocolate”)


Soak the pitted Prunes in the Rum, if possible overnight.

Lightly toast the Nuts ( I popped them in the microwave for about half a minute).

Take the prunes out of the rum, pat them dry on the outside with a paper towel. Push one nut  inside the prunes (where the stone is supposed to be). Set aside.

Start boiling some water, & in a heat proof bowl, melt the white chocolate over simmering water( I melted the Hershey Cookies N Creme).

During this time take some Nutella in a bowl. Insert a toothpick in each nut stuffed prune and roll them in the nutella, so it gets a rough coating. I had to use the back of a spoon to evenly coat the Nutella on the prunes. Finish doing this to each prune and set them aside on parchment paper or a platic wrap.

Once the Chocolate has melted (It should not be runny, but thick enough to coat a spoon), take each prune and coat the prunes with the white chocolate. (Since I had used the Cookies N Creme, It formed a rough layer on the prunes… a bit bumpy becoz of the cookie chunks in the chocolate).

Place the chocolate coated prunes on a plastic wrap or pachement paper and chill them in the refrigerator till the chocolate becomes firm.

Melt the other chocolate in the same way as you did the white chocolate. Take the prunes out from the refrigerator and coat them with this regular chocolate.  Take the toothpick out from the prunes. Use another toothpick or the finer edge of a spoon to push out the prunes from the toothpicks.

Refrigerate the chocolate coated prunes again till the chocolate is firm & chilled.


These were just absolutely delicious. Since I used the Cookies N Creme White Chocolate, the layer of the white chocolate added an extra layer of crunch. The Nutella always adds delightful flavor. Me & my hubby just loved this. So here it goes to The Alchemist Chef for the Valentine’s Day Recipe . & also to [kitchen_of_Love_Logo.jpg] hosted at Mele Cotte.

A Special mention here:I have to mention that one of my friends from this Blog World have been helping & guiding me to edit my pictures. A special Thanks & a Big Hug to her:-)

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