Balti Chicken, A Review & some Appreciations


Balti Chicken 2

Balti is the name of a style of food popular in the Northern part of the Indian Subcontinent & now very popular in England too. It is been told that “balti” dishes had been introduced to England by the people of Pakistan.

The name ‘Balti’ for food has nothing to do with an ethnic group living in India and Pakistan who are also called Balti. These Balti people are Tibetan Muslims. The food ‘Balti’ is named after the pot in which it is cooked. As mentioned in the late nineteenth century in Hobson-Jobson, the name ‘balti’ derives from the Portuguese word ‘balde’, meaning bucket/pail, taken to India by the Portuguese on their seafaring enterprises at the end of the fifteenth century. Balti food is a Punjabi recipe and prepared mainly in the Punjabi way.(from WIKI)

The food is a hot curry-style dish, taking its name from the thick flat-bottomed  iron pot:

(also called Karahi/Kadhai & therefore comes the dishes as Karahi/Kadhai Chicken, Karahi/Kadhai Gosht, & Karahi/Kadhai Paneer) in which it is both cooked and also served. Normally the balti (whether it be chicken, mutton or paneer/Indian cheese) is served with large naan bread/flatbreads, pieces of which are torn off by hand and used to scoop up the hot curry sauce from the balti.

Balti Chicken 1

Now to why I have Balti Chicken here, without anymore elaboration ?

Val of More Than Burnt Toast, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and  Ivy of Kopiaste…to Greek Hospitalilty, have announced their biggest fundraiser ever…(a project of Bloggeraid) the making of a COOKBOOK, & the profits will all go their chosen agency. The contributers are going to be people like us. For more information & to make your contribution, check out here.

The recipe for Balti Chicken is going to be my contribution. The recipe be will in the Cookbook, & cannot be unveiled here:-)


I recieved these True Delights Granola bars from Foodbuzz.

Here is the review:

& Awards..

These had been pending post for a long long time. I am really sorry… & Thanks to all of you who have given me these awards. I really appreciate…

Refreshing Lemonade Award from PG of My Kitchen Stories & Navita of Zayeeka
Hardworking Blogger Award from PG of My Kitchen Stories & Indrani of Appyayan
Butterfly Award from PG of My Kitchen Stories , Ann of A Delighted Foodie & Indrani of Appyayan
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Some more awards From & Indrani of Appyayan:
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