Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookie

Baking with kids: Simple, light, melt in the mouth orange flavored cookies with a hint of ginger along with some sweet time with the gals.

Summer has almost come to an end. The new school year starts soon, and I am having the blues. The girls will be back to school. We had a splendid holiday. Busy with lots of activities, but sometimes doing sweet nothings together.

There are some very special times I am so going to miss. Sometimes  we packed our lunch, ate in the car on the way back from the swim lessons (wish we could go park but it is Texas heat!) and went shopping.We  lazed around in the afternoons, doing nothing but being silly and playing princess,mommies and dolls.  I cooked their favorite food and had long relaxed lunch which we are going to miss so much. It was sweet life with late mornings, naps and late nights, lots of cuddle times and most of all just being together all day.

Then there was baking on whims. These cookies were baked on a morning when we decided it would the cookies even before lunch. Out came the books (I am still not there where I can whip up a baking recipe out of my head-getting the proportions right make my head swim) and we picked an easy recipe for the girls were going to “help”, made sure we had everything to adapt the recipe to our needs and we started. The recipe was for lavender flavored cookies; we did not have the lavender so the flavor needed to be adjusted. We decided on orange and ginger.

The girls helped me measure, whisk, roll and cut – a lot of help indeed.

Shortbread Cookies are Scottish in origin. In the most basic form, it requires only four ingredients – flour, sugar, butter and vanilla; the ingredients one would always have at home. That makes the shortbreads the easiest cookies to bake. No eggs or leavening is required and it takes only a few minutes before you can munch on the cookies straight out of the oven.

Orange Ginger Cookies

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Ingredients: (Makes about 15 cookies)

  1. 1/3 cup sugar
  2. 4 tablespoons orange zest
  3. 2 tablespoons crystalline ginger
  4. 4 oz butter at room temperature
  5. 2 tablespoons milk or as much/as little needed to pull the flour into a dough
  6. 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour


Process the sugar, ginger and the orange zest in a blender or food processor until very fine.

Take 1/4 cup sugar and butter and process/whisk till fluffy (save the rest of the orange + ginger sugar to sprinkle on the top of the cookies).

Add the milk and whisk some more. Remove it in a mixing bowl.

Sift in the flour slowly to this mix and beat until the mixture forms a stiff dough. The dough is going to kind of tight, little sticky and greasy.

Pre heat oven to 300 degree F.

Place the dough in between parchment papers and roll it out with a rolling pin to about 3-5 mm(1/8-1/4 inch) thick.

Remove the top parchment and place the cookie cutter (we used the tulip and a circle) on the rolled dough and press it down/stamp it out. Cut/stamp as close to each other as you can.

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookie

Remove the shaped cookies and transfer them on the baking sheet.

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookie

Gather the dough into a ball and roll, re knead and cut/stamp again till you have used up all the dough.

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookie

Prick the cookies with a fork, sprinkle some of the orange ginger sugar on the top and bake in the oven for about 12 minutes or until pale golden in color.

Let cool on the cookie sheet for 2 minutes; transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Recipe adapted from the book “Perfect Baking” – the recipe is “Lavender Cookies”.

Orange Ginger Shortbread Cookie

Here are the cute tulip cookies for my 2 princesses, who brings enormous joy, plenty of smiles and gives me the inspiration to live.

Being the simpliest  form of cookies to bake, they were delightful and were gone by early evening. While these were getting baked, DD1’s best friend came along, and they all hung around the kitchen waiting for the cookies to get done. It is a hearty pleasure to see the kids taking pride in doing it by themselves and eating the warm cookies straight out of the oven.

Orange Ginger Cookies

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