Crêpes with Spiced Poached Pears for Monsoon Spice

crepes with poached pears

Do you like crêpes?

These thin, gossamer, delicate, lightly crisped and curled at the ends butterfly wings are a hot favorite in my family.


Be it for a luxurious weekend breakfast or dessert, or even a occasional indulgent snack for my kids when they get back from school (Mmmm.. with a generous spread of Nutella is how they have it), we enjoy these with all our senses. And we do tend to lean more towards the crêpes sucrées or the dessert crêpes.

Crêpes are quick! It is one of those easy to make desserts, with some dramatic results; the folded airy, subtle wings look spectacular and almost too fragile to touch.

Another dessert that we heart is spice poached pears, especially during this time of the year when pears of all kinds are heaped up on the shelves.


The fragrance of the citrus zest, and the spices simmering along with the juice  or wine and pears transforms the home in to a warm and cozy holiday magic.

spice poached pears

Today I have brought together two of our favorites; the crêpes and the poached pears.

The smooth, softened pears are subtly flavored with the spices, the liquid is slowly simmered down to a thick syrup to be spooned over the warm crispy in the edges almost translucent crêpes and you have a luscious and morish plateful.

crepes with poached pear

(Well it happened to be my meal a many times, long before dessert, but that is a different story.)

This special treat is for Sia of Monsoon Spice (isn’t that such a pretty name?!). I do not know how I stumbled into her fabulous virtual kitchen, but it was only couple of months after I had started blogging. There is no way one can miss this rich blog. Sia has been blogging for a very long time; probably since the the time when a food blog was an unknown entity to me. When the  sweet lady herself asked me to do a post, I was surprised and really happy.

With all the festivities around, it is only fair that we have our share of it too! The warm crepes soak up the thick fragrant syrup. Few chopped fresh mint and a sprinkle of the ruby red pomegranates, transform this so simple dessert into an elegant holiday treat.

crepes with poached pear

With so many years of almost consistently regular blogging, you can just imagine what a repertoire Sia must have. With her witty, charming style of writing,  the photographs which makes you want to grab the food from the screen, and and unbelievable collection of drool worthy recipes, it is a hard to resist food blog and one of my very favorites. She will tell you how make vegetarian deliciously exciting.

Sia is also a super mom. Besides doing an exceptionally wonderful work in her blog, she also holds a job and most importantly she is a mom to a darling “little dumpling”. Now how to finds time to do all these so perfectly, I do not know. You have to ask her.

So hop over for today’s  recipe and explore her blog.

(She is found in twitter as @MeetSia and become her fan in Facebook, if you want to experience her wonderful recipes!)

crepes with poached pear

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