Chilled Coconut and Melon Soup with Ginger for Sudeshna



The chilled soup is perfect for entertaining, incredibly refreshing and quite simple to make.



I have a feeling that we have left the gnarling  sun and the summer heat behind us. The shrivelled up grass has finally started to look green and when they are bathed in the morning sun, they are prettier than ever. This time of the year is actually the most beautiful  time in Texas. The struggle with the sun has come to an end. We have had a few showers. The early morning hours are just breathtakingly beautiful, filled with shadows and the pink in the sky and if we are lucky, I can see the few lavender stalks swaying in the cool pleasant breeze. I usually wait to embrace this time with open arms. It is that time of the year when I draw energy from the dawn to make myself go through the day.




The little green patch at the back yard surprised us with a few cantaloupes when I had thought we had lost all the squash and melons to the nasty bugs. Tucked in one corner, I saw this one (and a couple more after this) hanging down from the fence!


Cantaloupe Diptych  1


Delights of life are in little things. The home grown cantaloupes are half the size of the store bought ones; just the perfect size to serve the four of us with no leftovers. A couple of years back when we had these tiny cantaloupes, we got obsessed with these fruit filled melon bowls. Every single cantaloupe was destined to be scooped out to make Melon Fruit Bowl.



And this year I am into to chilled soups and juice.

Sudeshna blogs at Cook like a Bong. This sweet, energetic lady recently moved to this country from India after she got married. Yes she cooks like a Bong! about recipes from back home, that evokes memories and nostalgia for me and constantly reminds me of home. I only wish she moved next door so I could share her meals. You should read the humorous About  page of her blog.  She had asked me if I could do a post for her a couple of months back – something that spells summer. As usual I am running late. The summer is fading away and better rush and send this to her.



This summer soup is really easy to make. All you would need to do is blend everything together and chill. If you have been reading my recipes, you would know I have an obsession with ginger. It finds a place in almost every recipe in my kitchen, including many desserts, and this was no different. I love the way it immediately elevates the flavors with a zing.


Chilled Soup Diptych 1



Although the mixture keeps in the refrigerator for a couple of days, it’s best within a couple of hours of making it. And since everything comes together so quickly, it’s never much of a hassle to prepare right before a meal, which leaves it plenty of time to cool before you’re ready to eat. It is a lovely way to clean the palate after any meal.





Head over for the recipe.


Enjoy the last days of summer!



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