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Eggless Chocolate, Zucchini, Nut Bread

Rich, irresistible and moist; packed with different types of nuts, zucchini and double dose of heavenly chocolate is this sweet, eggless, quick bread. Even though it is baked as a loaf bread, the texture and taste comes closer to a decadent chocolate cake more than that of a bread.



Yogurt with Rose and Pomegranate

Saffron flavored yogurt layered with fresh pomegranates and rose petals – a dessert fit for royalty.



Vegan Banana Orange Nut Loaf

I have to admit that I am not much of a baker. Though I have come a long way from not even having baking powder, to baking my own breads at home, I still have that fast pulse effect right before I start to bake.  Fancy desserts, [...]


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