Chicken Strips


Nothing else makes my kids happier than some crispy chicken strips or chicken nuggets. (well… may be Pizza too)

What’s for lunch? – Crispy Chicken.

What do you feel like having now?  – Chicken Nuggets

What do you gals want in the wrap? – Crispy Chicken.

Kid’s Meal pick in the restaurants: Chicken Strips

I don’t have to tell you what they eat in McDonalds..

While I get tired,  they don’t seem to. We get the big bags of Dino Nuggets from Costco. But I have to agree that it is easy on me a lot of times:-D & I have to admit that we indulge ourselves in the so popular Chicken Strip too!..It’s only fair that I make these at home.

These are fairly quick & easy to make. I admit that these are not the fat free baked version, but again this is not what I do everyday. I will not go to the extreme & say I disallow deep fried stuffs.. I don’t.  Once in a while in moderation is okay, & definitely better than consuming the precooked frozen stuff outside. You will find more than a million recipes if you do a search, & everyone has their own way to enjoy the Strips:-D … What I have here works good for me. Before the post takes a different bend, let me write down the recipe…


  1. 2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, cut into strips
  2. 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
  3. 1/2 Cup Quick Cooking Toasted Oats
  4. 1 Cup Bread Crumbs or Crushed Saltine Crackers (I used breadcrumbs that I had made from Rosemary & Pepper Bread)
  5. Black Pepper (I used quite a lot of this. Use as per your taste)
  6. Salt
  7. Garlic Powder
  8. Any other spice mix if you would want to use
  9. Hot Sauce (Optional)
  10. 1 Cup Butter Milk ( I used 3 tablespoons of Plain Yogurt + 3/4 Cup of water) – Store bought may be used too
  11. Oil for deep frying


Note: If you want to make Nuggets, cut the chicken strips in to small nugget size & crust them only once.

( I’ve done a double crusting for a thicker crispier crust. If  you prefer a thinner crust, just do it once)

If your chicken breasts are very thick, pound them with a meat mallet until they are about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick.

Wash & pat them dry. Add salt & lemon juice & marinate the chicken for about an hour if possible.

Sprinkle some salt & pepper on the strips.

Combine together the oats, dry spices & the bread crumbs & set aside.

Put the buttermilk in one bowl & set aside.

Put the hot sauce in a bowl & set aside.

If you are using the hot sauce:

Dip the chicken first into the hot sauce, coat the strip with the crumb mix, then coat again with the buttermilk, and then evenly coat them with the bread crumb mix.

If you are not using the hot sauce:

Dip the chicken first into the butter milk, coat the strip with the crumb mix, then coat again with the buttermilk, and then evenly coat them with the bread crumb mix.

Arrange the strips on a platter & let them rest for about 10 minutes before you start to fry.

Start pre-heating the frying  oil, either in a frying pan on the stove top or a deep fryer.

Carefully put the breaded chicken strips into the hot oil and fry on all sides at medium heat until golden brown and crisp. (Do not increase the heat, the crust will  turn dark without cooking the inside).

Drain on paper towel.

Serve with ketchup or whatever dipping sauce you would like.


My DD1 had these with honey mustard, DD2 with ketchup..  with 100% Juice,  some fresh sliced Tomatoes & Frozen peas on the side.. (Yes they love to eat icy frozen peas straight from the freezer).

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