From Italy to USA


They have arrived… A Big Bag of Black Rice from Veneto, a Small Bottle with White Truffle Scented Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar Jelly and a whole lot of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans from Slitti. We are overjoyed!

In this Pretty Packet!


& with this wonderful note, from Ilva & Michelle. (Ladies, Please do not apologize…)


Thank you so much!! We treasure all of these, & so far have explored only to nibble on the Oh! So Delicious! Chocolate covered Coffee Beans. ( My little one calls them “Magic Beans”)… while we are planning to save the other things for ever πŸ˜€ .. no, actually contemplating, & planningΒ  what to make with them.

Thanks to all you those who voted for my Recipe, in the HOTM.

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