Orange Flowers and around our yard

Fabaceae 1

Not much about recipes today…

The above orange flower is Aeschynomene genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae (Legumes/Pea/Bean). They are known commonly as Jointvetches. These legumes are most common in warm regions and many species are aquatic.  These were growing wild in the Dinosaur Valley Park, Glen Rose- Texas. There are over 100 species found of the Aeschynomene. I could not specify the species of flower as I could not locate this particular color anywhere, most of what I found was yellow or in the purple shades.

Poppy 4

Above is the Orange Poppy found in Dallas Arboretum.

Sending the first picture to Flower Fest, hosted by Manisha of Indian Food Rocks.The color is Orange this time.

Around Our Yard: (Other than what we have in the pictures, we have planted Basil, some Potatoes (yet to see the success), Coriander/Cilantro, & Fenugreek/Methi)

Portulucca 1

Portulaca, a genus of the Purslane Family. Some of them are edible. This is from our garden growing kind of wild & comes back every year.

Pohi/Pui Shaak: (Recipe with Pui: Stir Fried Pui with Poppy Seeds)

pui shaak

Mint: (Recipe with Mint: Mango & Mint Lassi)


Bell Pepper: (Recipe with Bell Pepper: Stuffed Bell Pepper in Arrabiata Sauce)


Tomato: (Recipe with Tomato: Skillet Charred Tomato with Fennel & Basil)




Hot Chili Pepper: (Recipe with Hot Pepper: Coban Salatasi)


Karela/Bitter Gourd: (Recipe with Bitter Gourd: Aloo Karela Bhaji)

Some of the above garden produce are sent to The Chard Challenge, hosted by Indosungod at Daily Musings.

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