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Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums, Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets, and Simone of  Jungle Frog Cooking tagged me in the 7 Links Project. Thank you! It is fun to see the 7 Link Project popping up like happy mushrooms recently on every other blog.

It also has been fun to dig through the old posts and quite a different experience I must say; a mix of  emotions and sometimes the questions crosses the mind if they are really mine.. those photographs,  the way I wrote?  But the way I see it is the how I developed and opened up over time, from a very reserved inexperienced blogger and photographer to what my blog represents today – more than recipes. It is almost a journal where I like to write down the little happenings in my life.

Now here are the 7 links:

Most Beautiful Post:

Saffron Yogurt Mousse with Rose Petal Honey


The above post of the Saffron Mousse meant a lot to me. I had created a totally new dessert with very simple ingredients with a tiny twist from the traditional and we fell in love with it. I used the lovely blooms from my yard and the above picture also won me my first DMBLGIT badge! It was a big for me! I was newbie to food photography with no experience and it had only been a few months of my blogging. I have moved ahead a couple of years but I still love this photograph and the achievements in creating the recipe and winning makes me feel good 🙂

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Memories

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds 1

This post is very special for me as much as toasting pumpkin seeds with my children is, but its beautiful not for the way they look or for the photograph. I had written this when a rush of memories overwhelmed me while I was carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds with my gals just before Halloween. While as a child, my situation was quite different, but I found fine threads taking me back to when I was as old as my kids are now – in a little house with my Dida and Dadu. A lot of it is lost now, remaining only in a fragile mesh of memory. The post is about my grandparents and how they will always be a part of me!

Most Popular Post:


Naan Recipe

How to make yeasted Naan, has been the most popular post so far; not based on the number of comments, but based on the searches and also on how many of you have dared to have given this a try.  I know I took a LONG time to post this recipe, but I am glad that those of you who looked for it and went away, now have one to satisfy you. Thank you!

Here are a few other posts which are popular on the basis of how many people land up on my site by surfing and searching the webs, the feedback I have got on how many tried them out and also the innumerable times they have been bookmarked.

Microwave Cupcake, Grilled Vegetable Hummus Tart , Indian Espresso Coffee, Chili Soy Chunks

Most Controversial Post:

I really could not think of one.. except in the post where I had been really upset and written about my recipes being copied without due credit. But I do not want to go there, now…

Most Helpful Post:

Sandesh- Indian Cheese Fudge

Sandesh 3 Final

Sandesh being a very very traditional dessert from West Bengal (the state where my home is), there hardly is any authentic recipe around. Most of the Sandesh sold anywhere else are not the right kind, so obviously the recipes followed are not authentic. When I realized that, I had decided to do an elaborate post on it, with the history, culture and step by step process. This post is also about How to make home-made Paneer?-step by step as Sandesh is made from paneer. I am glad that so many of you have tried this out.

Another post which I would call “Helpful” would be this  basic sauce recipe which have been tried out by many – Makhani Masala- Butter Based Tomato Cream Sauce. This being the base sauce for the most popular restaurant style Makhani recipe, it has uses for many recipes and has indeed been used by many,

Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

Braised Tofu in Spicy Peanut Sauce

Braised Tofu in Sesame Peanut Sauce 2

This has been stumbled 53,000 times. I was in total disbelief when I found out. Besides the stumbles, there have been a many who have written to tell me that they tried out this recipe and how they loved it and repeatedly made it. How a recipe so simple and homey brought so many favorites and visits is still beyond my understanding.

Another one here – Dal Palaak/Spinach with Lentils, a plain old  recipe from home made it to one of the most tried list from my blog.

Post that Didn’t get the Attention it Deserved:

Commonly Used Spices

Indian Spices
This  was one of my very early posts and I kept on working on it all along. The reason I have this post in my blog is to help the ones who are not familiar with Indian cuisine and cooking. It has a list of the all the basic spices which one would need to build a small Indian spice box. The post also describes the spices and mentions the uses. For some reason no one ever turns to this, even those who have plenty of questions when I mention a spice not quite so popular and common.

Post I Am Most Proud Of:

No Knead Bread


yes the very famous No Knead bread – gone was the fear of yeast, and I was singing with the bread.


Agnolotti with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pepper and a hint of Saffron

For this post, I created a sauce to compliment the Buitoni’s Mushroom Agnolotti. This sauce is still our very favorite at home and A will have nothing else but this. The sauce was created as a part a contest hosted by Foodbuzz and Buitoni and I was one of the runners up. Yes!

Now I am tagging my friends below for the 7 Links project:

Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook

Vanille of At Down Under

Harini of Tongue Ticklers

Jeanne of Cooksister

Anh of A Food Lovers Journey

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19 comments to Looking Back – My 7 Links

  • anh

    I love all your posts Soma! Off to read that spice post! And thanks for tagging me ^^

  • Ah, I knew you were going to get me. I could feel it in my bones – and I am game for it, too. Thanks for tagging me.

    I still remember your mousse and rose petals, the post and the photo, which adorns Ivy’s cookbook. Don’t know how I missed that fascinating cheese fudge, but I’m going to click through to it right now. And that naan is a marvel with all those black broken blisters. I want to slather it up with lots of ghee. All your selected posts are literally worth repeating, Soma!

    Susan, HOW DID YOU KNOW?? :D.. there are not many people I can connect to from deep inside and you are one of few with whom I can:) You really do not have to do it if you do not want to. I am still to do the few questions you had tagged me on!! I just remembered that:)

  • What a beautiful collection of posts. your photographs are so lovely. I am visiting that spice one now for sure.

  • love, love, love the round up Soma 🙂

  • Deepa

    Wonderful recipes ! Loved each one of them. Great post.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  • What an interesting read!!! I loved looking back through your old posts Soma. Especially the cheese fudge one (which I hadn’t seen before).

  • I’ve seen indeed the 7 links popping all around and good to share yours today.
    I fully understand your pride for the bread 😉
    And thank you Soma for thinking of me.

  • This one was truly an informative post for me,about a blogger I admire.I always noticed you as a sincere blogger,come what may.
    All these recipes you mentioned here were having individuality of their own.Loved reading how you differentiate them..Go on Soma,you are surely the best !

  • Ivy

    Soma, my friend what wonderful selection you have made. You are a very talented food blogger and photographer and I’ve heard from a lot of people buying my book, how stunning the cover is.

  • Lol. So you were tagged by 3 people simultaneously..:) well rightfully so. Great post and that reminds me I need to make one of those naan breads!! Plus I had never seen your spices post… Checking it out now!

  • All of your recipes and post are amazing! The mousse and naans are particularly stunning. Thanks so much for answering the questions, dear!



  • Honestly, I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t tagged me, Soma!! I have that extra special feeling about you like I do with some other bloggers.:) Thanks for the tag!

    Your spice post is my fave! You have brought to light all the condiments used in an Indian kitchen with beautiful photographs and write ups!

  • Lovely post Soma!!! I had missed out on the Sandesh post. I have bookmarked it. Will try making that during Dussehra 🙂

  • Arunima

    This post reminded me that I should leave you a comment owing to the fact that I have followed so many of your recipes and loved them. I was surprised that your malai kabab didn’t feature in the top hits :)…we have made it a zillion times and have forwarded the link to so many of our friends who liked it.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you do by sharing your culinary adventures…my husband is in awe of all your cooking photography.

    Arunima, Thank you very much for this heartfelt comment. The malai tikka kind of does too, only not that many people search for it I suppose..:) Thanks! It really feels good to know that our favorite recipes are tried and liked… makes my work and effort a lot more worthwhile. So thanks for your time and support!

  • So glad you did this, there are a few I missed! Going back to check them out.

  • You know that I’m your Fan No: 1,
    as things get more organized I’m catching up on all the reading & started with you
    Best thing I love about your posts is Honesty, thats what brings me back to eCurry
    BTW, Love the new looks (though I’ll miss 😛 the Mirch/Nimbu/pyaaz)

    Keep it going lady, you are my inspiration !

    Love, Sonia

  • I loved going through some of your older posts with you. Thanks for taking us through and for participating in the 7 Links project =D. I think I missed the tofu dish and it really looks mouthwatering! I also just made naan again this weekend with a baking powder recipe and really could taste the chemicals. So next time I’m definitely trying yours!

  • I loved your saffron yoghurt mousse- I remember htinking what a beautiful and simple dessert it was and so well photographed too. Loved reading your take on the other questions too.

  • What a wonderful way to do a retrospective of past posts! Each post and each photo was well worth the second look – thanks for the memories 🙂 And thanks for nominating me! I hope to do my own 7 links post next week.

    Jeanne Thank you!

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