Buitoni Riserva Contest Runner Up



Buitoni and Foodbuzz are excited to announce that your excellent recipe has been selected as a runner-up in the Buitoni Riserva pasta sauce contest! Congratulations!…”

Above is the email I received from Foodbuzz a few days back & it made my day!

Buitoni Riserva & Foodbuzz had held a Pasta Sauce Contest for the new line of Buitoni Riserva Products. I had submitted the sauce -“ Sundried Tomatoes, Peppers, Almonds & a hint of Saffron” to compliment the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, a Buitoni Riserva product. This sauce was selected as the Runner-Up in the Contest! I am very very happy:-) ( this combination is my favorite & I keep using it again & again in different forms)

Lori of  Taste With the Eyes,  is the Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations to Lori  and all the other winners! The list of the winner & the runners up can be viewed  on Buitoni’s Foodbuzz Post.

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