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Coffee Gateau is one of the easiest & delicately delicious desserts I have ever come across. The best part about it is that it does not involve the time consuming labor & stages to create a sophisticated dessert. This is something my hubby & his brother would make together when they were younger, and now my daughter takes the initiative to make this with my hubby. But do not get turned off by the uncomplicated ingredients and the simplicity of the process, for this is indeed a crowd pleasing dessert !!

This time my dear hubby made this while I took the pictures. There could be slight variations & I have included them in the notes below. The crunch of the biscuits, the fluff of the cream, and the flavor of coffee cannot make it go wrong.




Layered Coffee Gateau



Ingredients: (serves 8-10; 1.5 inch square each, sliced)

  1. 3 tablespoons Instant Coffee
  2. 8 tablespoons Sugar
  3. 8 oz Fat Free Cool Whip (heavy whipping cream can be beaten until peaks forms can be used instead of cool whip)
  4. ½ cup milk
  5. 14 Marie Biscuits-Crushed and Powdered with rolling pin
  6. 32 (approx) Marie Biscuits for Layering ( Shown here is 4 layers of Biscuits. Please adjust your quantity with the size of gateau you are making)



Mix the coffee and the sugar in a bowl.

Sugar & Coffee

Sprinkle 3 Tablespoons of water (the mix should not become liquid… it will be more like crumbles), and beat it in medium speed till it becomes creamy, frothy and more than doubles in amount. (you can use a fork to beat, but it will take an awfully long time).

This is the look you should have by the time you are done:

Coffee & Sugar Beaten up
Add all of the cream to this and beat it for some more time, till all the cream/cool whip, coffee & sugar blend in.
Coffee, Sugar & Creme
Take the Marie Biscuits to be crushed and crush them to an almost fine powder with a rolling pin.  Mix the crushed Biscuits to the cream mix & stir it in till well blended.

Coffee, Sugar, Creme & Biscuit

Take a large flat bottomed container where you are going to be freezing this.

Take the milk in a bowl and set aside. Keep the rest of the Marie Biscuits handy.

Put one layer of the cream mix in the flat bottomed container. Dip the Marie Biscuits one by one in the milk in the bowl (Do not soak them, they should just be wet and not soggy soaked), and add it on the cream to form a layer. Fill up the gaps, by breaking pieces of the biscuits. The picture should make it easier to understand.
Biscuit & Creme Mix Layered

Put another layer of cream mix on the top of this. Again add a layer of Marie Biscuit in the same way as you did above. Make as many layers as you want or for as long as the Cream lasts.

The top most layer should be the Cream Mix layer.

Freeze it for at least  8 hours or overnight is even better.  Cut in with a sharp knife and serve immediately.


See the Layers!



* If Marie Biscuits are not available OR if you want a soft spongy feel, use ladyfingers sliced horizontally and soaking them in milk for little bit longer.

* You can use variations soaking the biscuits in brewed coffee ( to have the Gateau with strong coffee flavor), or you may use any of your favorite liqueur.

* The thickness/amount of cream-coffee mix between the layers may be adjusted to your taste. To make it more creamy, add thicker cream mix.

* You can use any of your favorite Flavors of Coffee. I have used regular coffee in this one, but variations are always interesting.

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28 comments to Layered Coffee Gateau

  • mohana

    This is one of the easiest and fastest dessert that I have come across. Shall soon try it. Thanks Soma. Great work.

  • Wow, soma its one of my them very much..u made my day..its my aunt’s spl dessert…

  • Ranjai

    Thanks Soma for reminding me that Arjun & myself use to make coffee gateau
    often, when we were at HM.
    Shall try it out, this weekend !

  • This is awesome, I have tried it once before. Now it is time to bring out the whips out again.

  • wonderful recipe and I am sure it must be tasting divine.

  • That looks delicious!A friend used to make this during our college days … but I remember she used butter too. Anyway … that pic is absolutlely divine. 🙂

  • Soma this is purely incredible. I love the way you used cookies instead of cake. A lovely entry! Thank you!

  • soma

    Thanx all of !!

    There are different variations of this dessert.. I have given a few of them. I bet all of them would taste great in their own ways. I would love to try some of them myself.

  • This is just lovely, Soma.
    So easily done yet no one would believe that looking at it.

  • Sulagna Banerjee

    My 12 year old daughter wanted to cook something on her own right from the scratch ! I gave her this recipe and it turned out to be a great success! She is really proud of herself and thats great! Thank you.

  • this is a yummy dessert..will try it soon..

  • marica

    this is just a very superb desert very easy and nice for those hot days!!!hmmmmm lovely

  • David

    Thanks loads for this recipe. I tried it out and won first prize in a local dessert-making competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks once again.

  • queen

    try mixing the coffee creme with 1/2 cup crushed hazelnut praline brittle and a little on top then garnish with a few whole hazelnut it’s so elegant and taste wow. BTW use the cheesecake pan.enjoy

  • Lovely recipe no body can believe it can be made from marie biscuits just awesome!

  • Arti

    This is the simplest recipe of Tiramisu I ever came across!!!! Thanks Soma.

  • Madhuli

    Hey Soma loved your blog and the recipes. This recipe for Coffee Gateau is fabulous and hassle free. Can you suggest a substitute for Fat Free Cool Whip. I am in India and don’t get it here. Thanks for the recipe anyway!

    You can use the packaged heavy cream, & beat it up till soft peaks form to make whipped cream. That is how my hubby’s family would do it in India, or they made fresh cream from the milk.

  • Thanks for that..I thought of whipped cream too!:)

  • How To Make Coffee – Finding Best Coffee Maker For You…

    O. ……

  • lindsey

    I was thinking of making this for a bakesale for Relay for Life. Do you know whether this has to stay frozen? Will it melt into a runny mess if it’s warm out? The bake sale we are having will be at a church yard sale. Thank you!

    This will need to stay frozen/or at least chilled. The cream will melt in the heat 🙁 Sorry about that!

  • Bernardette

    Wonderful recipe – has all the ingredients to make it special : quick, easy, and tastes divine!!!!! I’ve made it so many times, I’ve become an expert!!!!!! Highly recommended especially when you’re stuck thinking what to make for dessert!!!!

  • I’m very fired up that I found your blog. I am going to do some much more reading through and attempt to be an productive participant with your various other members. I’m thrilled to read far more.

  • GOod coffee maker…

    Layered Coffee Gateau | eCurry – The Recipe Blog…

  • jasleen

    i have made this so many times…. and my guests always love it !!!! only thing i do different is i make a praline with nuts and break them into small pieces and top it in between one of the layers and also on top… it provides a wonderful texture , crunch and twist to the dish… also one time i made it with coffee ice-cream as i ran out of cream…it just made the dish more richer and creamier…!!!!

    The praline sounds just fantastic!!! and so does the coffee ice cream. I need to try the praline 🙂

  • Karen Farrugia

    I will be trying this for my husband for father’s day as he loves it. I hope it comes fine as I normally do it using eggs but this one doesn’t have any in it and I’d like to try it.

  • Sulagna

    Wow! This is such an easy and classy dessert. Thanks a lot, Soma..Will make it soon..How many does this recipe serve?

    Just edited the serving amount 🙂

  • Sulagna

    Thank you so much, Soma 🙂 That too sweet of you 🙂

  • rose

    Hi thanks for sharing. I cannot understand what you have to do with the half cup of milk. Can you explain please thanks

    You have to dip the marie biscuit in the 1/2 cup of milk which you poured in a bowl before layering them. I will have to re write that part and make it more clear. Thank you!

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