Strawberry Preserve


It is raining strawberries here. I do not know how many pounds of strawberries we have consumed so far. Couple of weeks back they were for selling for 99 cents a pound. The big, bright red strawberries are luscious & irresistible, & moment I see them my limbs freeze at the spot till I get to grab a few boxes. This preserve is one of the things I did with them. Not just with toasts, a small spoon of the preserve is serving me well to satisfy my after meal “dessert” craving.

Jam, Jelly & Preserve are all made the same way, the difference lies in the form of the fruit; Preserve uses whole fruits/berries so the consistency is thick & chunky often with whole fruits, Jam is made from chopped fruits while Jelly uses Fruit Juice often with pectin.


This is an easy pectin free recipe; all it takes is 3 ingredients boiled down together. They way it turned out, thick & chunky full of fruits (way better than the store bought preserves), I did not miss the pectin at all this time.

Strawberry Preserve

Ingredients:(makes one small jar)

  1. 1.5 lbs Strawberries, washed, & hulled
  2. 2 Cups White Sugar
  3. Juice of half Lemon


Wash and hull strawberries. Combine berries with sugar in a large stainless steel/non reactive bowl; let stand for 3 to 4 hours.

Bring strawberries to a boil slowly, for about 6-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add lemon juice. Cook rapidly till it comes to a full boil, & then reduce heat to medium & gently boil until until strawberry mixture is clear/glassy and mixture is thick & mounds on a spoon, about 15-20 minutes.

Test if Preserve is done:

Chill a plate in the fridge. Take a spoonΒ  of jelly/jam/preserve & place on the cold plate.Β  Leave for about 1/2 min; run your finger through it; if it wrinkles, it has set, but if it runs down, you will need to boil for longer. ( Jam Test Picture)

Refer to the post Watermelon & Mint Jelly on How to Can Jelly/Jam/Preserves?

Can, Seal & Refrigerate the Preserve.


Delicious Home made preserve is ready with no hassles. Now I don’t think I need to tell you what to do with it.. breakfast, to dessert, to spoon licking… I have promised myself to make a few more jars before summer is over, these do disappear pretty quick. Beautiful, Bright, Red Strawberries … all preserved for later toΒ  give us the joy & vibrancy of summer during the cold gray months.Β  Sending this to Sunshinemom’s FIC, hosted this time by Nithya of A Culinary Odyssey.. it is Food In Color to express your mood.

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