What we have been doing…and an Upcoming Review


We are in the midst of winter. Like any other state, here in Texas January is the most difficult to get through. Cold, gloomy skies, chilling drizzles, and the ice. I know people elsewhere are laughing at me. There is a reason why we chose not to settle down up north. We gave up the beauty of the mountains, winding roads, colorful autumn and the of course the piles of snow for a reason – we do not like the long winter months. So when the temperature in the evening drops to the teens, I really want to whine. Some might feel like 17 degree F is welcome sign spring time, it is not so for us; it is very much the midst of winter.

But the weekend was fun –

A snowman came up – handless and without a smile


when the snow came down


and the boots were happy to be out of the closet


The unbridled joy of the children




family time…

making a snowman

are all priceless!

snow gift

and beautiful!

Winter Berries

However the snow does not last for months….In a few week’s time it will be nice enough to enjoy a pleasant walk in “another time and place”,

Another Place

stopping a while by the unusual treats,

Moroccan head wear

and to watch some stars on the shimmering water.

Shimmering Water

Winter here also brings in an orange glow! The oranges and the clementines have filled up the shelves of the market.

We also have been eating a lot of –



and Oranges – fresh yard product (courtesy a friend)

Orange /Clementine

Life is good and we are blessed to have it all.

now for the review:

The CSN Stores has given me another opportunity to do a product review (will be coming up in the next few weeks). I am sure everyone is familiar with the CSN stores – the online one stop shop for all your needs;  kitchenware, furniture, home improvement, stuffs for kids,  and even modern duvet covers – you will find it all and at unbeatable prices. Folks stay tuned for the review!

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