Sights of Spring and some Product Reviews

“Bluebonnets have inspired the poet’s pen, the artist’s brush, the cowboy’s dream, and the legislator’s eloquence throughout the broad spaces of Texas. Their royal beauty and enchanting fragrance have a particular message which speaks to the emotions with compelling directness.” – –Mary Daggett Lake, 1926


The fields of Texas are blazing riots of colors, rippling in tides of Bluebonnets and other wild flowers.


The Texas State Flowers.


The blogosphere is bubbling with the reviews and giveaways from the CSN stores. I have also been contacted by the them to do a product review. The  CSN Stores are the online sites that offer a great and varied selection of items appealing to all kinds and tastes. Besides the Cookware, Kitchen Appliances and the Kitchen Tools, they also have Baby and Kids Furniture, Track Lighting and very attractive items for Contemporary and Modern Spaces.

Stay tuned for the review!

The review for the seasoning of Amazing Taste has been due for the longest time now. Here is the grilled chicken I had done with the Amazing Taste Poultry seasoning.

Grilled Chicken with Amazing Taste seasoning

I had received a box of few pouches from AMAZING TASTE, – a seasoning company in Malibu, CA quite some time back. Thanks Sara! The box contained the following seasonings along with a few cute recipe cards:

Amazon Seasonings

  1. Burger
  2. Malibu
  3. Chili
  4. Fajitas
  5. Poultry
  6. Seafood

The seasonings can be used as a quick rub or a marinade. Each pouch has instructions at the back to use it as a marinade or a quick rub.  I grilled some chicken breasts with the Poultry seasoning, added some ginger and lime juice and some orange food coloring. They turned out pretty good and it was quick alternative versus to the chopping, mincing and grinding to prepare a marinade that I usually do. It was nice  and mildly flavored.  I have also used the Malibu, which pretty much had similar flavors as the Poultry. The Seafood seasoning was better than the other 2 mentioned. I had pan grilled some shrimp using the Seafood seasoning  and some lime and liked the garlicky herby flavor. I cannot compare this brand with any other products for I have never used a store bought seasoning to grill before. But at 99 cents for a .75 oz  pouch I think it is pretty neat deal to work with and jazz up a quick meal.

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