RAW: Black and White Wednesday


Napa Cabbage BW1
Not many words today…





Pomegranate 1


Napa Cabbage has that surreal ability to turn into a rose…

Napa Cabbage BW 3

Napa Cabbage  3


The Jewel of the season. We are filling up on these…
Pomegranate 3


I dream of having a Persimmon tree in my yard…


Perssimon 2





Napa Cabbage again… I am floored by its elegance.


Napa Cabbage  2

Napa Cabbage BW 2


In focus for the season.


Pomegranate BW 1


Fava Bean 1
Fava Bean BW 2Fava Beans.


Napa Cabbage BW 5

Napa Rose…
Napa Cabbage BW 4



The Black and White photographs are submitted to the Black and White Wednesday, wk #110 now hosted at Cindystar. The Black and White Wednesday Event was originally started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook.

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7 comments to RAW: Black and White Wednesday

  • Soma, needless to say great clicks and I am super impressed by your gardening skills (you have Persimmon tree in backyard, wow!)…and this concept of black and white wednesday is really out of the box. You are truly an inspiration

    I dream to have a tree in the backyard, not yet 🙂

  • Deepa

    Excellent pics.

  • Lovely shots! Vegetables are so beautiful and you captured their essence wonderfully.



  • Soma, beautiful pictures. Love the Pomegranate one against the black background.

    Good Luck with growing Persimmon trees. I hear they are easy to grow (relatively speaking) with not too many pests that harm them especially if you choose the Asian variety.

  • felicity

    Super photos, Soma, of all good things. Always look forward to your posts. And I feel blessed as I do have a persimmon tree in my garden! Sending here to you and all your family most warm wishes for a festive season full of cheer and may 2014 bring you all the happiness you wish for!

  • Napa cabbage looks like art on a canvas. Wishing you a very Happy New Year Soma:)

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