My Priceless Ruby Ring


  An Aril of Pomegranate being Glorified.


Submitting my Ruby Ring for CLICK:January 2009 (Red) hosted by Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi.

My heartful of thanks to Jai & Bee for hosting this event, for it does bring out all the creativity in me!

All those hours spent in brainstorming, all the exercises I have to do kneeling down, arching & stretching & hold still just to have the camera & the object aligned at a certain angle, downloading the 100s of pictures (90% of which needed to be deleted), & then the final stage of making a decision when I drive every family member crazzzzzyyy, – are all WORTH it. For at last I did feel good:-). I will probably post a few examples of The Experiments with RED sometimes later.

I had to make a tough decision between 2 of my favorite shots. The other one was was a winner for me but I chose this over the other, becoz the reason I liked the other one did not count in too much into the relevance of the theme. I might regret later…. But its done.

It is a delight looking thru’ the gallery of pictures for the CLICK- seeing so many perspectives, so many ideas for one single theme…I see them again & again. All the pictures are an inspiration to me.

Something else I have realized: Need to get a set up to take good photographs. Makeshift tables, papers, light, props & the temperamental weather – all of these turns the pleasure & excitement to frustration.

Camera Used: Konica Minolta Dimage A200
Photo Taken In Macro.
(A Black background, Black Box & the Ring- The Zirconia from the ring was taken out with a tweezer to make place for the Aril)

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