Fortune Cookie


On the Kitchen Island…

Need your help to make the decision for CLICK: COOKIES.. which one?

I could not but love this fantastic almost mirror like clear reflection on our counter top. What else could I do but CLICK?  – the first picture.

Here is the second one, on the Table….


The Cookie on the Table is sent to CLICK: COOKIES ( May 2009) hosted by the Jugalbandits.

On to something else now…

I have been tagged by my dear friend Alka of Sindhi Rasoi, have been tagged again in FLICKR, & Holler presented me with an award with requires 7 Random Ramblings. It has long been overdue, I have finally given in –  here are a few things about myself:-D

  1. I am not a very social person – always get anxious meeting  with people who are not close to me.
  2. I am scared of driving & hate to go out with my car. Unfortunately I have no way out but to keep driving around (all my life?!)
  3. I met my husband when I was 18 in a bus stop, & have been madly in love with him ever since. He is my best friend, my love & my life, & my inspiration.
  4. The most precious things in my life are my 2 girls, & I could not do a day without them.
  5. I am not crazy about movies, but do watch them… mostly the oldies, black & whites & very selected one.
  6. My interests: Reading, Traveling, Interior Decoration, Gardening, Art work (painting, sketch, beads, crafts.. anything) & Cooking.
  7. I am very organized & a perfectionist, & I start to worry, fret & stress if things are not done right.
  8. I am very straight forward, hate misunderstandings & try to resolve anything between friends & family asap.
  9. I like window shopping, & looking at things in the stores, & i like doing it when I have no one with me! No I do not buy them impulsively!
  10. Love collecting Unusual & Unique looking things – home decors, region/country/tradition specific things, rocks, driftwood (I have a thing for driftwood & cannot stop admiring how each of them look).
  11. Sometimes I am  pretty short tempered, esp. when I am tired.
  12. If I had a lot of money, I would give some away & spend the rest traveling the world.
  13. I want to work with children, esp. the unfortunate ones & the ones in special needs, & I will HAVE to make time for this in a few years.
  14. I have a weakness for perfumes.
  15. I tried & tried & still could not learn to swim.. Now I have given up & just happy being able to float & splash around in the water.
  16. I love the mountains & want to live in a place from where I would be able to see the beautiful rise from my window & smell the mountain air!
  17. I  stay away from people whom I cannot trust.
  18. I miss my mom – every single day & wish my kids could have met her.

Thanks to:

Varsha for giving me the    e_award award.

Suparna for the   loveblog award.

Holler of Tinned Tomatoes for   premio_meme_award award.

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29 comments to Fortune Cookie

  • Gosh lovely picture…perfect for the event…congratulations on the awards 🙂

  • Good to know you Soma. 🙂
    I get short tempered when hungry …LOL. That’s one great snap!

  • sandeepa

    Ki shundor chobita ar tomar counter top tao tar mane darun

  • oh! for a second i thought you made fortune cookies!

  • Very cool picture of fortune cookies!

  • Ann

    Hahaa..Soma,the professional photographer,you mislead me there with the name fortune cookies..
    Great Entry..

  • How beautiful is your picture! You have a great eye for making things beautiful… nice work and enjoyed reading about you. I am like you when it comes to shopping, maybe we shud shop together, er… window shop together! LOL

  • Number One. We would have been great friends Soma 🙂 But I like the river better than a mountain thats all.

  • Both pictures are just beautiful. I’d go with the first one.

  • Loved reading about you and love tha pic of the cookies it is a real winner.
    I too met my hubby when i was 18 and am still madly in love with him after 18 years 🙂

  • Cham

    Love the first shot Soma! Congrats on ur awards!

  • nice to know more about you soma.

  • Ofcourse THE 1ST ONE..lovely pic it is..we got these cookies,when we had food from a Chinese place in LA..n mine told that people are naturally attracted to me..hoo..:P
    loved the me-me..18 yrs n a bus stop..havent heard a more romantic thing lately..;)

  • mohana

    Yes ! I do know you and I am glad I know you so very well !! Love you for the way you are and for the way I am, when I am with you !

  • bee

    you abducted the poor guy from a bus stop? now i’ve heard it all. 😀

  • mmm, amazing pics… and congrats on your awards…

  • Good to know something more about u Soma. 🙂 Nice mirror pic too! Congrates on awards.

  • lovely pictures… the first one is my favourite… congrats on your awards 🙂

  • Hi Soma,
    pics are cool 🙂 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumah got to know so much more abt u 🙂 from the meme. I don’t knw vat to say, glad I know a warm person like u 🙂 how u met ur husband was really cute 😉 aamar husbabder songe protham dekha hoy chatt a 😉
    Congratulations on the well deserved awards.

  • hey lovely entry for click! And very nice reading about you…even I am trying and trying and trying to swim, but have been unsucessful as yet, but I shall not give up 🙂

  • Dear Soma, it was very nice reading about you. You will not believe how many characterstics in terms of our nature we have in common. Eg, I am an extrovert, straight forward, not an impulsive buyer, organised, fretting about small things, short temper when I am tired or have lots of things to do, cannot swim etc. Ah, I feel good now.

  • Great click esp the first one.

    Nice knowing about you. Congrats on all the awards.

  • Excellent click!
    Enjoyed reading ur meme 🙂 Congrats on ur awards!

  • Oh how did i missed this post??
    Anyways loved loved,simply loved reading it and knowing u more 🙂
    I can ditto most of the points u wrote, and am sure most of us are almost same ..he he he…
    The first pic is ofcourse fab. and if still in doubt ,why don’t submit it in jugalbandi’s Forums…the guys do give good opinion and we tend to learn a lot from the feedback

  • That is a gorgeous mirror reflection! I used to get images like that in my toaster.
    I’d love to swim but that breathing stroke just eludes me. The only way I can “swim” is with a mask and snorkel.
    Great ramblings!

  • Hey Soma,
    so nice to know about u. You are a creative and perfectionist that we see in your every post. tomar sange ekta nai, duta nai, anek khetre amar mil ache dekhchi..I also love mountains and so scared to swim. Pic is gorgeous as usual

  • A&N

    🙂 Lovely to know more about you! 18! Wow, I was rebelling and throwing rocks at boys then 😀

  • Gorgeous photos as ever Soma and I did enjoy your meme. It is nice to get to know you a little better 🙂

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