Brutal Attack on a Family in New Jersey – Help Needed

It is indeed unfortunate that Dr. Divyendu Sinha of Old Bridge, NJ lost his life in a horrific beating by teenagers near his home.

Some of you must have already read/heard the news.  Justice for Divyendu’s Family has all that you need to know about how it happened. It is a savage attack on innocent life –  a brutal violent act which shakes the faith and belief in humanity.

Please take a few minutes and read the details in the above mentioned website.

Here is a Petition for Appeal to take a Firm Action against the Brutal Act. Spare a few minutes to sign the petition; for justice and to prevent such acts from being repeated again.

Here are the details on how you can help.

I do not know Dr. Divyendu Sinha’s family personally. I am posting this today, because I am extremely disturbed and I feel I should do whatever little I can do to help. Please spread the word via blog, FB/Twiiter or any other social media, if you wish.

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14 comments to Brutal Attack on a Family in New Jersey – Help Needed

  • that is so horrifying. i followed the link, and found links to myspace profiles of the’s so awful that those guys are still running free, they must be taken to task, harsh & soon

  • That is so horrible and sad! Such acts (cold violence) are are getting more and more common around the world…. People like that are monsters.



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  • What horrible news! I sometimes seriously wonder what is happening in the world, that there are apparently individuals that think that this is necessary!! I just yesterday heard that my former neighbour was found murdered… I also thought that was extremely disturbing news plus he was such a sweet man!!

  • This is so disheartening.

  • got to know about this from Sandeepa’s.thats a terrible incident . I was shell shocked to read the piece describing the whole incident. will do my bit. between you also take care.

  • That was a horrible incident..Hope the people involved will brought to justice soon…

  • I also got to kow aobut this from Sandeepa’s place. Isn’t it sad that because of few ppl on familes dreams and hopes are just destroyed by the action of these people and for what, did they gain anything. I hope they are brought to justice.

  • Truly shocking incident, I have signed the petition and i sincerely hope those 5 boys are given appropriate punishment! Very disturbing act!!

  • This is shocking and I could not gain my composure for a long time. I need to read that again.

  • Sonal

    This just makes my blood boil. The world is for all beings to live in harmony and peace. Racial prejudice is intolerable. I also do hope that the Arizona immigration law is duly stopped – that will lead us backwards to a time where racism bred hatred in all hearts.

  • Truly sick individuals. I dont watch much news- it disgusts me so much.

  • Outrageous. Where do those kind of kids come from? How do they get so demented?! It’s truly disturbing that our society offers any kind of excuse for
    such criminal behavior.
    Heart felt sympathies to family and friends of The Divyendus

  • God, what is happening in this world! These things are happening much too often!

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