Indian “Espresso” Coffee


The Frothy Magic in the Cup, a lot like a Cappuccino is  often called Indian” Espresso” Coffee in India. It might not have anything Espresso in it;  but it is luxuriously rich, creamy & sweet.


College students & office workers hang around the Coffee Houses & the Cafes.  Street side Cafes (which we would call “Thek” – often times with benches laid down right on the streets for customers, while the shop is built in a temporary arrangement with poles  & tents)  & Upscale Cafes,  all do business by churning out hundreds of  delightful cups of  foamy coffee every day – the kind that makes a moustache once you take a sip. The upscale establishments might use a machine, but the others expertly use the trick to create the frothy, creamy coffee by flipping & pouring the coffee, milk & sugar all mixed together between a pair of steel glasses, quickly without a drop flying anywhere else! It is a trick one has to learn to master.

Now for some Coffee Break:


You can still get an immensely silky & foamy coffee without using espresso or a machine. Get a book/cross words/puzzles & some biscottis or cookies & relax!

Indian “Espresso” Coffee

Ingredients: (makes 1 Cup)

  1. 1 Tablespoon Instant Coffee Powder
  2. 2 Tablespoons  Sugar
  3. 1 Cup Milk (or 3/4 cup Milk + 1/4 Cup water)


In a cup/bowl put coffee and sugar. Add a few drops of water (about ¼ teaspoon) & mix it. It should be crumbly & not very wet.


Beat it with a fork/spoon/beater/hand held electric beater, incorporating as much air as possible to make a frothy fluffy paste.


It should be creamy & whipped.


Heat/Boil  a cup of milk on the stove or microwave & pour the milk on the whipped Coffee & Sugar. Or pour the milk in the whipped coffee mix & heat in the microwave. Stir well quickly till all is combined & the top looks frothy & smooth.

Sprinkle some coffee powder & serve immediately.


Note: If you are making more than a cup, beat the coffee & sugar in a larger bowl, divide the mix in to individual cups & pour the hot milk on the whipped mix. Stir & serve.



Sending the above Cuppa to my favorite event CLICK: July  Bi-Color, hosted the dear Jugalbandits (Jai & Bee).

I do not drink too much coffee, & when I do, I do not have it with milk & sugar anymore. But Arjun. my family & my guests enjoy this Moustache making 😉 coffee a lot! We have a family friend who comes over  just for this  special “Espresso” Coffee. Sending this to BSI: Coffee hosted by Nutmeg Nanny.

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80 comments to Indian “Espresso” Coffee

  • Wow,I never knew one can make such a wonderful cup of espresso coffee at home!

    If u serve so delicious cup of coffee,no wonder the guest come especially for this:)

  • I used to love making this with and for my college friends..thanks for reviving wonderful memories and for your perfected proportions

  • hey soma,
    This method of making coffee was taught to me by my hubby 🙂 this kinda coffee tastes so delicious :)!now am tempted for a cuppa 😉

  • A funny incident comes to my mind.I wanted to badly recreate the frothy magic in my cuppa.Sadly,I decided to make it with my regular cup of instant coffee[hot].I put the hot coffee in my juicer and for the next 30 minutes,I was wiping off the spilled coffee on my kitchen top and the walls..hehe.

    You have given a very easy method,which is kind of do-able and practical..will try it out;)

    LOL!! Hot milk in a Juicer?

  • Soma!! I remember my mum used to make this all the time but I never really thought it was Indian. This coffee kept me awake all through my University too! LOL! My mum used to add either a bit of cinnamon or cardamom – delish!

    I know some that use cardamom with this, but I would think I would like some cinnamon… Hmmmm will try it.

  • you just made me go make a cup of coffee. i couldn’t even wait to comment first! 😀

  • Hey Soma, I make espresso coffee exactly same way!!! 🙂 It’s really awesome. My hubby dear get irritates with the sound of the spoon tinkling with cup while beating the sugar and coffee. 😀 But he would happy with the end result. 🙂

    I myself get bugged with the noise;-)

  • Yummy!!! Hey Soma, I make this espresso coffee exactly same way!!! My TH get irritates with the sound of tinkling spoon with the cup while beating sugar & coffee. 😀 He wud happy with end result though. 🙂

  • Ah whats a delish, i seriously need one cup right now!

  • Moustache making indeed!! and reading this is making me crave coffee right now, eventhough it is 9.30 in the night here!!

  • I’ve never had this coffee preparation – sounds excellent, can’t wait to try!

  • Ann

    My Gosh…totally yummy coffee..real make..hey thanks for this one Soma..
    Btw,when i was reading sugar,was bit confused..haha..i dont take sugar for long now (not daibetic)..ha,then you yourself pampered me on the last
    brought back so many sweet memories of college..thanks

  • Every morning that I spent at my aunts place she would hand me a cup with the coffee-sugar mix and I would sit there beating it until all the drowsiness in my eyes was gone, and I was finally awake. so yeah, coffee did awaken me :)) But yes, this is a fantastic way to enjoy a cuppa.

  • A&N

    If anyone loves this most, it will be Deeba 😀

    I do too! You make me want to have my umpteen cuppa now! Made your way 😉

  • I’m not a big coffee drinker, but your pics and description makes me want to make some now. I remember one of our friend making his coffee this way. Will give it try. Thanks.

  • Hey I too make coffee like this!!
    Yours is looking tempting! Nice clicks!

  • mohana

    This is fabulous ! So frothy, so creamy n so aromatic !!

  • it’s like magic! i’ve got an espresso maker [and no instant granules], so i’m going to attempt the frothing with a shot of espresso mixed with sugar. we’ll see…



  • I do not drink cofee either, just tea does it for me. the pictures are awesome Soma. Loved the first one and i have been staaring at it for 5 minutes.

  • Thank you , thank you for this recipe…I have so much instant coffee powder at home that I did not know what do to with it…looks great!

  • I have to have to have to try this..Are you sure,if I mix the coffee powder and water with a spoon it’ll froth?? cant wait to try..
    Super kewl pics Soma..:)

  • This is simply superb! And I think newspaper is the best background for coffee and tea shots ! love it!

  • I can’t wait to try this technique. It’s so creamy and delicious!

  • Wow, sounds delicious. I am so tempted!

  • I love this coffee… gorgeous pictures, maybe I’ll go makes some right now 🙂

  • Great memories…I used to make this for my brother..didnt know it was so widespread..dont even remember where I got that from…but my brother sure loves it !!

  • I am not a great coffee drinker ..But this makes me fall in love with it:)

  • I have fond memories of whipping up nescafe until it was pale yellow in the middle of winter evenings.

    And do you remember those “espresso” machines; I only ever saw them at weddings and nowhere else.

    I do remember the machines!

  • I have a love hate relation with the espresso … love coz I love the taste … hate coz I burn my tongue every single time I try to drink it … can never gauze the heat from the froth. 🙁
    My b-in-law make it this way … keeps beating it till we go crazy from the sound . Lovely snaps Soma! 🙂

  • I never thght this was Indian.Looks hot and inviting.I prefer tea but love coffe in cookies and cakes.Delicious clicks.

  • I make my coffee the same way!! your pictures

  • What an interesting way of making coffee! I am a real fan of filter coffee, so that is how we make the coffee at home, 9 times out of 10. This looks good though!

  • Such an easy recipe for espresso coffee!!!! I would have never imagined that such a frothy coffee can be prepared at home. Thanks for sharing..

  • Dee

    Soma, when I saw the title , I was wondering what gadgets you used to get the consistency and let a sight out 🙂 .. then I realized the only gadget you used was the spoon. I love coffee.. I can come over for a cuppa anytime , but I kinda gave it up since yesterday , however after seeing your post and pictures … I am rethinking 🙂 . Lovely as usual.. sounds repetitive , I know.. but cant help saying it and drooling over your pictures !

  • Dee

    oop! *sigh not sight

  • Hot Coffee is a must every morning for me irrespective of the terrible hot weather these days. Hope you are enjoying the hot summer. Have a happy and cool weekend.

  • Hey, you can open up your own cafe and make these for us 🙂

    Cynthia you are giving me ideas now;-)

  • Ivy

    He,he,he we do the same thing in Greece as well only we don’t call it espresso. We call it a hot frappe and we drink this during winter. In summer, we put the instant coffee, sugar (optional) and ice cubes in a shaker and shake it until it is frothy. Then we add milk if we like.

    Ivy as far as I have heard Frappe is pretty popular in Greece, right? does the word frappe mean shaking?

    We make the cold coffee shake too ( I whip it in my blender). Actually now in summer we have the cold coffee shake for breakfast.. i like it better than the hot one any time during the year.

  • Dee

    u know what ! I thought screw giving up coffee and went and made it ! it was amazing .. Was i crazy or what for giving up coffee ?,

    LOL Dee;-) You know what? I don’t drink much of this coffee. But I used to, & only this. If I have hot coffee I usually have it black. But i do have cold coffees.

  • Des

    What a great recipe! It looks so frothy and creamy. I am not a huge coffee fan, but my husband is. I bet he would love this. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ivy

    Café frappé means shaken and we also whip it in the blender although now they have professional Frappe Makers and at home we have portable mini mixers.

  • Have to try this as soon as I get back home!

  • Wow…looks like an art to make this coffee. The results look fabulous!

  • soma

    Thanks all for appreciating the Cuppa;-)

  • Too bad I didn’t see this when I got up an hour ago. I would have ditched my Mr. Coffee for it. ; D Very similar to a cafe au lait, lots of milk. Really looks like a divine way to start the day. I’m trying it tomorrow. Thanks, Soma!

  • Looks extremely frothy and creamy! thanks for the tips!

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  • I’m now very curious about the pouring between two steel glasses. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

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  • Great recipe! I never thought that making espresso coffee can be this easy and at the same time, so so delicious!! Thank you for sharing this with us and please do continue to share more of your coffee recipes. Thanks!

  • Twinsy Rachel Abraham

    It was my first visit to ur blog yday. I made the coffee yday n it was absolutely well loved. 🙂 You have got a great blog. Have bookmarked a few recipes. will make n give u the comment 🙂

    Thank you so much!! Glad that you liked the coffee. And will be waiting to find out if you got to try out anything else.

  • jankes

    where can I buy this coffee illy?
    please help!

  • ghav

    Any pointers on how to avoid the tedious beating of the spoon against my ceramic (fragile) mug?
    Perhaps an automatic solution that saves time & isn’t as ‘destructive’?

    Use hand held beater (whisk attachment). Will work better is the qunatiy is more.

  • This looks so frothy and comforting!

  • halfstack

    I was surprised how frothy this was! I used a heaping teaspoon of instant espresso and three teaspoons of sugar. I splashed some hot water on the mix and just stirred it in the mug – and watched it get surprisingly frothy… I topped the mug with heated milk and a bit of hot water and ta-daaaa, a tasty way to put a bit of a spring in my step on a chilly near-winter evening. Thank you!

  • memoryofhome

    tip: if you are making for many people and you dont need to use spoon to whip it. you can just your electric whisker and it saves you tons of labor. sometimes i whisk enough for 2-3 days and leave it in the fridge. …its great! so comforting and keeps the memory of india alive.

  • Prabhav

    Do you add in more water when your whipping it with a spoon

    Either way I love this.

    no do not add extra water. the mix should barely be sticky and very difficult to stir initially. If it gets like a paste coating the spoon, there is too much water and it won’t foam as much. add the initial amount, and see how it goes.. if you feel u need, then add drop by drop.

    hope this helps.


  • That is such a neat trick!!! I’m trying this first thing in the morning tomorrow as it is too late for coffee today. I’m sure I will be writing an ‘I love you’ message here after my cuppa tomm 🙂 Gnite!!

  • I was looking for something like this , just the pic brought back so mny memories:)

  • Bakbaki

    Made me stop talking!!…:P…wow wow wow!!!…Totally impressed people with this!…And I also gave all the credit to the YOU though…;)

  • Shama

    I guess u will be happy to know that i made my 1st Espresso coffee with the help of ur recipe and it was a hit the very 1st time. thanx 2 u

  • JameS

    wat about the price list

  • Sumati

    Thanks for the wonderful memories!!

  • snehalg

    m excited to try it.. i love coffeeeee

  • sumanchowdary

    nice cofee yarrr ,good taste,nice look allover nice recipe

  • monica

    this is good stuff !!! could you post more recipes like this one !!

  • This coffee tastes good, but noone seems to have time to make beaten coffee anymore.

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  • Maha

    Hi soma,
    I just started following your blog… And gave the espresso a shot. I make filter coffee in the morning and felt like a change this evening… Totally did it for me. Thanks for posting the receipe!!

  • Heya! I know this is kind of off-topic but I had to ask.
    Does operating a well-established blog like yours take a massive amount work?

    I am brand new to writing a blog but I do write in my journal everyday.
    I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my own experience and feelings online. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers. Thankyou!

  • A motivating discussion is worth comment. I believe that you
    ought to publish more on this subject matter, it may not be a taboo subject
    but generally folks don’t talk about such subjects. To the next! Best wishes!!

  • Nayan

    Thanks Soma for the recipe. I am living outside India from almost 5 years and after 5 years I have tasted Indian coffee outside India.
    Amar khub bhalo lageche tomar recipe, photography and cooking tips. Now a regular visitor of your website.

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  • Shreya

    Thanks for the recipe. I love to try this coffee with fresh cow milk. I am having last 2 years fresh cow milk from pride of cows. i think coz of cows milk my coffee will be more delicious.
    you can also try this milk from

  • Madhuri Varma

    Right procedure for a yummy taste coffee. With this kind of coffee in our hands, near beach view in the mornings having a sounding sip of coffee and a newspaper beside to give some interesting news. Wawww… What we require other than this? Gn all……

    Coffee makes my day happy..

  • Sweet website, super pattern, really clean and utilize genial.

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