Raji is no more…you will be missed.

We have lost a friend. And I wish I never ever had to write this post.

Most of us knew her as Miri, as the author of the blog Peppermill. She passed away early yesterday. I woke up in the morning and read an update in Facebook  and then another. And I sat stunned, shocked and numb in total disbelief for the rest of the day. I could think of nothing else but her bright beautiful smile.

I connected to Miri a few months after I started blogging.  I did not know her much beyond the interactions of our blogs and a few exchange of emails mostly talking of food. But within the boundaries of the little conversations, I knew her as a very warm, witty vibrant person, the kind with whom you would not hesitate to interact, who made you at home right away and whom you would really want to get to know more of. So much seems to be left unsaid, so much more had to be shared. She will be missed.

She was brave, and fought with a disease unheard of and most of us never even knew about it – never could have guessed from talking to her or from her blog, had no idea what she went through. What an inspiration when we wallow and whine in our pitiful little struggles of life.  Here is what she had written about herself back in 2008   (Article by Raji in Tehelka) . Thank you Manisha for posting this in Facebook.

I cannot still believe she is not there anymore with us and keep thinking of her family and the little girl she left behind. May our prayers be with her family at this time. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Manisha, Sandeepa and Kalyan and a few others knew her more than I did and they all have written beautiful tributes to her. Please read about this amazing woman.

Manisha’s Tribute to Raji

Sandeepa’s Tribute to Raji

Kalyan’s Tribute to Raji

Eat Write Think write about Miri

Arch of Yum Factor writes about her friend

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