Rose Milk – for PINKTOBER

Rose Milk

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Rose Milk is simply a  blend of milk and tender fragrant rose petals. It is simple but elegant and conjures up an image which is truly unique and very much like a fairy tale; dreamy pretty pink (hmmm…not exactly), exotic and meant just for girls and little dainty glasses.

(Now that is not quite pink, is it? In my over zealous effort to make the it a darker shade of pink than we usually have, I had used more red roses this time, and the hue went a little beyond dark pink;  no artificial colors here. It surprised me beyond words, it was very unexpected but I have to say I love a drink of this beautiful color even more than pink).

Rose Milk

All the lavender was lost in less than 20 minutes and the shade did get lighter once the petals settled down.

October is the Pink Month – the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NBCAM is an organization promoting the Breast Cancer Awareness, and sharing information on Breast Cancer. I have lost the most precious person in my life, my mom, to cancer (not breast cancer); a loss that was too sudden – she was only 52. A loss that I still cannot talk about easily without that heart wrenching hurt and going back to those few months of  unbearable physical and emotional  pain for her and all of us is a torture.  A loss that we have to live with for the rest of our lives, a deep gash in the heart that will never heal. It is a disease that took away my children’s grand mom away from them, whom they will never meet, never laugh with or share a precious hug.

We have known too many to be affected by cancer and breast cancer; My aunt is just getting stabilized after a year of intensive treatment, my cousin’s wife is going through it again the second time,  our very close friend M, who fought with all her might, and finally beat the disease to lead a happy life now. A’s cousin who fought for many years and is not with us any more. My dear friend S from college, our family friends D and Ms. B are proud survivors. Let this be a tribute to all whom we know and do not know. The Pink Ribbons and the Pink Hearts and Pink Flowers that are in the outline of the stores, blogs and innumerable spots everywhere  are to raise the awareness, to get the mammogram done for early detection, and to raise funds (see Susan G. Komen for Cure) for those who are in need- for prevention and cure. This is a month dedicated to those who have fought to win or lose the battle, to those who are fighting still, to the survivors who inspire and to all those who deserve the very best and deserve to live a healthy, vibrant and beautiful life.

Rose Milk

Ours prayers and wishes are always there for all those who have fought and are now battling with cancer, to the families who have lost dear ones and to the survivors. We know how it is, for we have been there.

The four rose bushes in our front yard are blooming again. They are fresh, bathed in dew and happy after the severe heat of summer. Since we do not spray our roses, they are good to eat. Other than adorning our front yard and making our home look better, the roses  participate well in our gastronomic experiences too. Every year the kids enjoy the lovely rose honey, and we also use a lot of the fresh petals with yogurt, in salads, shakes and of course to make desserts.

Rose Petals

If you are using fresh rose petals, make sure they are without chemical sprays and wash them well before use.

As exotic as it might sound, rose milk is very popular in India. However there are rarely any place where they serve rose milk with fresh petals. The milkshake is usually made with ready made rose syrup. I am fortunate enough to be having these wonderful blooms at home, and I like the taste of the fresh petals way more than the bottled syrup.

Rose Milk
When I make the milkshake at home for my children, I add almonds for more nutrition and almonds pair well with the flavor of rose.   Having to feel the rose petals in your mouth while you sip this elegant drink, is a luxury.

A little glass would also make an elegant dessert.

Rose Milk

It makes the kind of  dessert that will make you ask for more; exotic, rich, creamy, fragrant and sweet. Celebrate your special times with a pretty glass.

Rose Milk


  1. 1 cup milk, chilled (almond milk/coconut milk for a vegan shake)
  2. a fistful of almonds – about 16 (you can toast them very lightly if you wish) – optional
  3. 1/2 cup packed fresh organic/untreated rose petals
  4. 2.5 tablespoons water + 1.5 tablespoons sugar
  5. few drops of rose water/gulab jal
  6. a drop of red/pink color (optional)
  7. rose honey/sugar/honey/any sweetener if you need any
  8. ice

Note: If you want to serve this drink as a dessert, use one part heavy cream or half and half and one part milk and serve well chilled in shot glasses


Combine water, sugar and rose petals in a pan and simmer over very low heat for about 2-3 minutes; just long enough for the petals to soften a little and the sugar to dissolve. Let cool.

(or you can totally skip the above step and blend all the ingredients together in the blender till really smooth, with the petals and the nuts blended well.)

Blend the rose petals and sugar mix and all the other ingredients together till smooth and frothy. Garnish with more rose petals.

For Dessert:

Serve chilled, in little shot glasses and use part heavy cream or half and half and part milk. You could even add a splash of rose liquor. (just an idea; I have never had the rose liquor).

Serve immediately.

Rose Milk

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