Fresh Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

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I promise this is the last of the basil saga; at least for now. But really how can I help it?

The weather is simply gorgeous. I tell you this is the charm of Texas. It holds your hand and slowly  and magically lures you into the winter season, so beautifully that you forget that the triple digit temperature almost had you dead only a few weeks back. The birds are chirping , the shimmering light plays on every blade of grass, the wind chimes are making music in every yard and the most pleasant breeze is blowing through my hair as I sit by the open window, close my eyes and absorb the enchantment – all of it. I am not sure if this is a walk into the winter or summer. There is not a single fallen leaf (by the way, I do miss the fall colors), on the contrary everything looks greener than it did in this past summer. It feels a lot like spring, right now; mocking birds, butterflies, the wide open windows, everything does. I cannot but drink in every moment of it.

The strawberries had disappeared or at least I thought so. Last week I found a shelf full of boxes again, and too cheap to walk by them without grabbing a whole lot. I bought five pounds. With the bunch of fresh basil (from my friend) and the strawberries, I did not have to think much. It had to be the ice cream.

Strawberry Basil, fresh strawberry, strawberries, fresh basil

After all, we are the few fortunate ones who gets to enjoy the spring during fall. Ice creams are meant for all year round. How about in your home?

This ice cream is fantastic soft serve too, just as it comes out of the ice cream maker.

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream, eggless ice cream, ice cream without custard, strawberry ice cream, fresh fruit ice cream, basil flavored ice cream, pink dessert, soft serve ice cream

and a lot of it were gone even before it went in the freezer…

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream, eggless ice cream, ice cream without custard, strawberry ice cream, fresh fruit ice cream, basil flavored ice cream, pink dessert, soft serve ice cream

(I had my eye on this photograph, for a long time. The idea was really cute, and it kind of stayed with me even though I had not gone back to look at it. I tried out a shot or two with the same idea, but when I finally found the original, it looked way different than what I had in mind. )

ice cream recipe, ice cream without ice cream maker, ice cream without egg, ice cream without custard, basil ice cream, fresh fruit ice cream

The ice cream here does not have any eggs. It is an uncomplicated recipe and the result is more like a gelato, light, fluffy and creamy. The basil and the lime zest makes the flavors very very refreshing.

ice cream recipe, ice cream without ice cream maker, ice cream without egg, ice cream without custard, basil ice cream, fresh fruit ice cream

Fresh Strawberry Basil Ice Cream


  1. 450 ml heavy cream/double cream//heavy whipping cream
  2. 250 ml half and half
  3. 1 lb fresh strawberries + 1/2 lb fresh strawberries, washed, and hulled
  4. 2 cups loosely packed fresh basil leaves (no stem)
  5. 1.5 cups sugar, or as per taste
  6. a pinch of salt
  7. zest of 2 medium sized lime
  8. 1/2 cup blanched and slivered almonds, very lightly toasted
  9. 1 tablespoon vodka (optional – the alcohol helps break up the crystals)

Note: Instead of using part half and half, and part heavy/double cream, you can use all heavy/double cream


Blend/process half and half, heavy cream (or cream if you are using all cream), sugar, zest, 1 lb strawberries, basil leaves until smooth.

Chop the 1/2 lb strawberries. Set aside. This is going to be added to the ice cream for some extra bites.

Crush nuts just enough and not too much, or they will release oil. Set aside

Combine all ingredients, with the cream, basil and strawberry blend in the ice cream maker and process as per instructions. Add the vodka and churn for another 10 minutes.

If you do not have an ice cream maker:

(In a large container, stir in the basil & strawberry cream blend, almond, zest, salt, chopped strawberries and the vodka and freeze. Approx. every one to two hours take the ice cream out from the freezer and blend it with the hand blender or whip it with a spoon till your arms are sore – this is to break up the ice crystals. You might have to repeat this process about 3 – 4 times.)

Freeze until all set.

ice cream recipe, ice cream without ice cream maker, ice cream without egg, ice cream without custard, basil ice cream, fresh fruit ice cream

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33 comments to Fresh Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

  • Lol about the uncertainty of walkin into Spring or Winter:D Yep, we in Dallas needed to see the green so much. The grass dried up in Summer like it would in Fall and now it looks like Spring in Fall Whoa! The heat is turned up at my home and am giving myself two more days to switch to the cooler setting and feel “in” Spring!

  • Your photos and styling are fabulously beautiful! And although I never ever eat strawberry ice cream I have long wanted to try basil in ice cream. Now I really must!

  • Oh my! Strawberry and basil are my two favorite ingredients! I have to try this soon! Thanks for posting the recipe with a version that does not require an ice cream maker!

  • Yes,soma I agree with U, ice creams are meant for the all seasons….I do have to try basil in ice cream yet, it sounds nice combo……in our house also atleast half of the ice cream vanishes as soon as we make it, kiddos like it in ice cream soup way….he eats big bowl by justifying that it’s home made so it’s more healthy….lol….

  • What stunning pictures, Soma..and adding basil to ice cream would be the last thing I would have ever tried..but your pictures make me do so now.

  • A heavenly combination of flavors! That ice creams looks to die for and your pictures are just amazing. I love the styling.



  • Basil and strawberry is such a creative recipe! Love the styling and photos 🙂

  • I was waiting for this post Soma! I don’t like ice cream but strawberry and basil is such a perfect combo and that photo SIGH!!! You clicked it so beautifully .

  • I too love basil ice cream apart from the ice cream ur shots are stunning and mesmerize everyone soma.. awesome.

  • haha, love the picture with the brush! 🙂

  • This looks so delicious Soma! Basil and strawberry is a great combo! Now I need an ice cream maker. Quick! 😀

  • Absolutely delightful combination. Pics looks amazing.

  • The pictures are absolutely beautiful, Soma and the styling is world class. Even though I am not too fond of basil in ice-cream, just looking at the pictures makes me try some. Enjoying the fabulous weather as well!

  • a colourful looking fabulous ice cream

  • anh

    Beautiful flavours! And excellent efforts in styling Soma!
    I have strawberries in abundance now, but basils haven’t come yet. Will remember this beautiful dessert.

  • That picture with the ice cream and the paint brush is inspired! Really wonderful.

  • I simply adore these two flavors together, my favorite! The recipe sounds wonderful:-) I love how you shared what to do if we do not have an ice cream maker, thank you! Take care, Terra

  • I can keep gazing at ur pics all day long 🙂
    Unique flavor, basil in icecream…looks wonderful!!!

  • Anu

    pictures are very nice and very delicious icecream

  • I’ve had strawberry ice cream before as well as basil ice cream but no the two together. So must correct that soon. Love love the photo of the ice cream with the paintbrush BTW!

  • I’ve only had strawberry and basil together once, in a badly made cocktail overloaded with pepper, but this ice cream looks fabulous. I love basil, it’s such a beautiful herb. By the way, I LOVE that photo of the ice cream with the paintbrush.

  • Strawberries and basil – match made in heaven IMHO. I’m bookmarking this for my next ice cream adventure.

    I hope you don’t mind my (hopefully) constructive feedback on the paintbrush photo – while I find it pretty, it’s rather unrealistic – something you wouldn’t put together (even if it’s a pastry brush) in reality. I’m reserved like that in food photography, maybe a little too uptight. Heh…

    Hey! I do not mind at all! It is always nice to hear another view. I am all open for it. Yes I agree it is totally totally unrealistic! and when i was taking the photograph with the ice cream slapped down on the board, i was thinking .. “gosh what on the earth I am doing in the name of a photograph.. :)”.. but i had seen the original image long time time, (for some reason i can’t be found anymore.. seemed to have disappeared from the pinterest board too), and the idea stuck to me. I just had to try it sometime:D, not for strange food presentation, but for the fun. I don’t mind doing that once in a while!

    I totally understand what you are saying.. these photographs do not make you want to “Eat”.. they are just fancy. to go deeper, however this kinds also make me think like a child.. like when i hear my kids saying..”Wish we had ice cream walls in our rooms” .. u know things like that! and i hear a lot of variety of wishful thinking at all.. again unrealistic but cute. what do you think?

    you are allowed to have your views.. and not uptight at all!

  • Beautiful beautiful ice cream! I especially love the image with the paintbrush – congrats on the top9 today 🙂

  • Oooooh, this looks so good! Totally gorgeous photos, and the flavors of the ice cream sound like they’d go so well together! 🙂

  • Pretty in pink! Oh what beautiful pictures…Ice cream is a treat that has to be enjoyed all year round, I believe so too. I never thought basil can be paired with strawberry and turn out a perfect cool treat like this. Can’t wait to get the ice cream maker working…

  • strawberry and BASIL?? You had me there! and thank you for telling me how to make this without an icecream maker. now im waiting for stawberry season in india to try this out :-).

  • Hey Soma, each time I visit this space I’m more affected by the beauty of your images than your delicious recipes. The pics are simply aaahhh! Strawberry basil combo sounds intriguing, gotta taste this soon.

  • It’s my first time here and wow, I love your photography! Your props and composition are so fun 🙂 I’m on a huge basil kick right now, so no judging. On top of the 2-3 recipes I’ve been eating with it/day, I’ve also been adding it to my water with some fresh lemon/lime slices. So good!

  • Love & other Spices

    You amaze me with your photography! Love the photo with the paintbrush…

  • Heather

    Wondering how you were able to keep the pick color of the ice cream. I followed your recipe and blended the basil with the strawberry mixture and it turned out a brown color. Still tasted delcious though not as pleasing to look at!

  • […] of love it. The basil adds a lot of depth to the flavor and the almond is fantastic. Its based on this recipe which is a little […]

  • Ashleigh

    Hello, I’m thinking of using your recipe. It looks super and really simple. Question though, do you have to use the almonds? What is there benefit? Thanks!

    No the almonds are not used for any benefit and you do not have to use them. The ice cream can be made without the nuts.

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