Cherry Berry Mousse Tart


I had 15 minutes more to go for the doorbell bell to ring, friends would now arrive any moment, but I was still running around with the tart, the slice & the camera… a few quick shots before I greet my friends; for what is a food post without a photo?

Balancing those precious 15 minutes to Click & also to tuck away the slice discreetly back into place as if never touched, had me sweating down my spine. When Lorraine (Now Quite Nigella) wrote a post about the Food Bloggers being “peculiar creatures, I could totally relate;-) If you haven’t read it, go read it!

Well, here they are, not so good, but atleast to have an idea of what this is about.


I am still stuck with a non working oven; the tart shell/pie crust is not  homemade.. just used a ready made crust. I will just give approximate measurements. Since I did not think that I would post this one,  I really did not pay attention this time to the amounts.

Cherry Berry Mousse Tart

Ingredients: (makes about two  7″ tarts)

  1. 1 lb Strawberries, Hulled
  2. 1  Cup Fresh Pitted Cherries
  3. 2 Cups Whipping Cream/Cool Whip/Double Cream
  4. 1/2 Cup Sugar (more or less depending on how sweet the strawberries are)
  5. 2 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin
  6. 1/4 Cup Milk
  7. Ready made Pie Crust or Tart Shell
  8. 3/4 Cup Semi Sweet Chocolate


Sprinkle the gelatin over the cold milk. Place the bowl over hot water till the gelatin dissolves & becomes a clear liquid.

Finely Chop about 1/2 Cup of Cherry & Strawberry mixed together.

Puree the rest of the Strawberries & Cherries with the sugar.

Melt the  chocolate & mix in about 3 tablespoons of cream to form a chocolate mix like a thick ganache.

Whip the rest of the cream till it holds stiff peaks. Combine the Cream & the Strawberry & Cherry lightly & gently, but make sure they mix well.

Take few spoons of the cream & fruit mixture & fold it lightly into gelatin & mix, & then fold the  rest of the cream & fruit  mixture through gelatin mixture, lightly but uniformly. Gently fold in the chopped fruits & berries into the cream.

Coat the pie crust/tart shell with the thick chocolate & pour the gelatin & cream mix  over it, lightly & carefully spreading it around, so it fills the shell uniformly.

Leave to set for at least 5-7 hours. Overnight works better.


Slice & serve.


This slice was tucked back in;-)


It was a lovely creamy summer dessert – it was announced as “one of the best & refreshing summer desserts ever” by the family;-). Nothing can go wrong with cherries & strawberries, right? I loved the color of the dessert just as much as I love working with strawberries & cherries when they color my hands. Just the right summer dessert, light, airy, smooth & berry & cherry-licious! & quick to put together. Loved every bite of it.

Culinarty original recipes Sending this to the Original Recipes Round up hosted at Culinarty.

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33 comments to Cherry Berry Mousse Tart

  • If I could grab that piece from the screen it would be like heaven for me..such a gorgeous tart with beautiful n yummy mousse over it..

  • I almost came running to your site, looking at the wonderful pink tart in FoodandFizz. Loved the recipe. But can you tell me how to prepare the base at home, better if using a microwave.

  • LOL I love it! You are a true food blogger through and through and I like how you slid the piece back into the pie! 😀

  • Lakshmi

    What a colorful tart..oh so perfect for summer! Your friends and family are lucky indeed to have gobbled that tart…

  • Gorgeous tart – love the cherry flavor, just so delicious!

  • I can almost picture you running around with that slice of cake! lol..It looks absolutely delicious though.

  • Ann

    lol on that comment from Nigella..
    ANd the 15 mts pranks from you too…and the piece tucked well there ?
    but nothing to disappoint..your tart is colorful and tempting than ever..ANd the clicks….great !!

  • Gorgeous tart soma, i too love the color, looks refreshing!

  • Soma, my family have got used to my food blogger antics; in fact eyebrows are raised if I make something nice and don’t take pictures 😀

    The tart looks beautiful 🙂

  • Fantastic color,this has to be perfect no-bake tart ,so apt for summers.Btw, I do the same ,never let go of a pretty looking dessert without taking snaps 😛

  • Yummy tart. Looks divine!

  • Aree wah wah..I can see the frothing berry mix inside..divine..!!

  • wow lovely , so quick and easy

  • Awesome pics and the tart!Beautiful colors..

  • Oooh! Awesome colours Soma! Guests ra ashbe ar tumi photo tulcho?! Amar ei khabar er photo tolar nesha ekhon kome ashche … jhamela mone hoye. 🙂
    Too good!

  • Soma, An award awaits you in my blog!

  • Such a delightful post. Yes, food bloggers are quirky. A pencil is typically on hand in my kitchen to record my experience and the camera comes out before dining 🙂 You are adorable and thanks continually for your lovely recipes and musings.

  • Wow,looks at that pretty color there! feel like tasting some now:) Lovely picutres as well!

  • How I wish I am there to join you. This looks so delicious.

  • Lovely click and very vibrant colour……tart looks tempting and mouth watering

  • This sounds wonderful!!!!! My mouth is watering 🙂

  • mohana

    yummy yummy …wow yummy !!!

  • dee

    when i start cooking, K is right behind me asking me every 5 minutes ,” do you want to take a pic ? shall i set up everything, shall i try … nooooo please take a picture ,, it is annoying sometimes and I dont know who is more peculiar , he or I , but I quite like the fact that he is the quirky one too… 🙂 Love the berry cherry combo.. may be i will try a smoothie …. I wish I could use agar flakes.. but strawberries need quite some amount of the flakes and they are stupidly expensive in the supermarts and my local asian store does not carry the flakes.

    Dee you are lucky! A passionate photographer A is, but he has absolutely NO interest in Food photography. He will do things for me if I ask him, but that passion just seems to disappear when he sees the food;-) Only once in a while when he finds something exciting he will do it. But he is a step ahead in trying out things & experimenting with food.

  • Looks beautiful Soma. My son is here sitting say “Mommy, this pink is for you, can I have blue cake for me?” 🙂

    LOL Supriya.. I forgot to mention in the post that the PINK was the 1st reason that my DDs could not to wait to lay their hands on this. I had made it a day ahead to have it set & till I served I went crazy holding prarthana off.. yesterday Taarena saw the pictures & said ” WOW i like that pink pizza” .. these kids are so funny!

  • Soma this colorful tart is a masterpiece for the eyes and for my sweet tooth!!
    I’d like to be in summer to eat all this sweetie 🙂



  • hey soma,

    pink is such a delightful color and such a huge hit with little gurls! i m sure ur daughters must have loved it!!!!!looks so mouthwatering!


  • Sig

    That is gorgeous! I never get time to click my party food, I am always behind schedule and when the doorbell rings I would just have enough time to make sure I am properly clothed 🙂

  • What a beautiful color… Looks delicious!

  • Your beautiful tart has indulgence written all over it! Thanks for sharing it with the Original Recipes Round-Up.

  • soma

    Thanks! Here I am happy to be part of “peculiar” blogging habits;-)

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