Blood Orange Granita with Ginger and Orange Mint

blood orange granita


Is it time for the backyard BBQs yet? With friends and food, pretty dresses, sweet smelling breeze, smoking grills and lazy swaying branches? Granitas are just perfect for such times! Crunchy, frosty, vibrant with juicy fresh fruits, it is as much of an adult’s summer dream as that of a child.

Yes I am back with the Blood Oranges, even after they have disappeared from the markets. The ruby reds teased and pleased us only for a couple of weeks in February. This is going to be my last one for this year.

blood orange

A few weeks back I had gone crazy over this beautiful fruit, bought pounds of them and ate them every way we could – fresh, salsa, mousse…speak about it. The last few that I had were made in to this Granita, only I forgot all about this frozen tray until we got back from spring break. The girls remembered that I had promised them “blood orange slushies” and .it was only then that I realized that the Granita was still  in the freezer.


blood orange granita
That it was forgotten is probably a good thing. It has warmed up now and is a perfect time to “love” these. All we needed were some energetic arms and a few forks to rake the frozen tray.

blood orange granita


Oh did I tell you I got some Orange Mint? They are delightfully fragrant and it seemed just perfect that the Granita should be garnished with these.


Orange Mint


The ginger and black pepper are not required to make the Granita. I added them for flavor and loved it. Granita is of of those few quick and refreshing desserts and so easy that even a child can make it.

Well here it is the last of the blood oranges till I meet them again next year.


blood orange granita diptych


Slushies and frozen desserts  and the likes always remind me of the hot, humid afternoons of the summer vacation time – many years back. The first thing I would do when I woke in the morning was make some “Kissan orange squash” and freeze it in a rectangular container. The lid of the container had my name on it.  It was an old lunch box. I got so emotional when I saw that lunch box when I went back home last summer. By late afternoon, sometimes between 3 and 4 o ‘clock I would wake up from nap and the scraping would start; with fork, knife, spoon or whatever I got at hand. Since the liquid would be mostly water and less of juice, and it would not be scraped and fluffed in between, like a Granita, it would be rock hard. After a while when I would not go further than a few spoonfuls, the impatience took over. Then I would try to get the whole mass out of the box, break it and just chew on it – sticky hands, sticky mouth with drips all over, but so good.

While the dove lazily gurgled outside and the fans whirred in the semi dark rooms trying to keep the heat out, nothing tasted better than the frozen orange squash. Only Kissan. I still remember that flavor and wonder if they make it the same way now.


blood orange granita

Blood Orange Granita with Ginger and Orange Mint

Ingredients (makes approx. 4, depending on the size of serving)

  1. 3/4 cup water
  2. 4-6 tablespoons sugar
  3. zest of all the oranges you will use
  4. 1 teaspoon ginger juice (optional)
  5. freshly ground black pepper – however much you want (optional)
  6. 3 cups chilled fresh blood orange juice – juice from 10-12 blood oranges (approx) – (or fresh orange juice – only the bright red hue of blood orange will be missing), strained
  7. fresh mint to garnish – I have used orange mint here





To make the simple syrup:

In a pan, combine water and sugar and bring to a boil, while stirring to dissolve the sugar. Remove from the heat.  Combine the ginger juice and the orange zest. Let cool to room temperature.

Making the Granita:

In a glass or ceramic baking tray/dish, stir the sugar syrup (as much as you will need – to your taste) into the blood orange juice. Save the extra simple syrup if you have for any other use. Stir in the black pepper in to the juice,  if you are using black pepper.

Freeze for about 1.5 hours. The juice should have started to crystallize. Stir in/scrape the crystals and freeze for another hour.

Stir again  as before and then freeze for about 2 hours (or more) while stirring every 20 minutes – 30 minutes,  until all the juice is frozen.  Keep frozen until ready to serve/use.

Scrape again with a fork, and serve into to bowls/glasses garnish with finely chopped fresh mint.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Standing Time: 4-6 hours

Serves: 4

Difficulty Level: very easy

blood orange granita



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30 comments to Blood Orange Granita with Ginger and Orange Mint

  • Hi Soma, how r u doing….I remember the kissan squash perfect for hot weather, though in my house it was mango shake freezed, for eating later in the day…..Love this Granita, love the addittion of black peppers(nice kick)……got to try it sometime… usual pics are beautiful & vibrant, just love them…..

  • Hey there great minds making sorbet today, nor granita but close enough. 🙂 & yum. Delicious as the weather is getting quickly warm such a refresher!

  • Delightful! Those flavors are just heavenly.



  • Wow thats a great looking granita. The addition of black pepper was a nice kick. Pics are beautiful , making me drool.

  • Delicious and love the flavor combos in this granita! Is it summer already?!? Can’t wait for a fully blown grilling fiesta — albeit hating the higher temps.

  • What lovely color..oh yes its Granita time again! Orange mint?? Never heard before..they look so they smell like an orange?

  • Citrus, ginger and black pepper and I am convinced! Love it Soma 🙂 Beautiful pictures as well…well like always 🙂

  • s

    bauhat aala. love the sweet story about Kissan Orange Squash, Soma. and lovely photos, as always. i need to try ‘orange mint’, too. x s

  • Looks gorgeous! I think I might just try this because I have – yet again – a whole bowl of blood oranges that’s starting to get wrinkly…

  • Such a delightful post Soma!! Back in the days when we got our first fridge, my favorite dessert was “milk ice”. It was just milk with some sugar, frozen in the ice cube trays with a stick to hold it up like a popsicle!! Me and my sis were crazy about that!! 🙂

  • Awesome ! Your flavor combinations are always wonderful Soma 🙂 Lovely lovely pictures too

  • Cham

    I have blood orange right now, made some fruit pops. Granita would be a delight! Like the spice touch…

  • Beautiful and dream like. I see spring through my fellow bloggers blog. Spring is negligible in my part of the world.

  • Beautiful Granita!!!!
    I love how you have added a mild sharpness here with ginger juice… Yum.
    Need to try this recipe in the summer.

  • We didn’t get a good crop of blood oranges this season. Oh well- I can enjoy them through your beautiful recipe and photos. I’m sure your girls had a ball raking this!

  • The dessert looks so beautiful!!! I am just scrolling up and down the post. The photographs are that good 🙂

  • This is gorgeous and mouth watering. I love the elegant flavors. Perfect for the warm weather.

  • Ohh..I so well remembered the kissan orange squash, I used to pour it in ice tray and froze it, then slurp them at leisure. ginger mint and pepper has perked it up, must say flavours are perfect and did i read it correctly ? orange mint? photographs are so gorgeous

  • anh

    oh. Now I really want my summer back! To make these cooling desserts!

  • What a refreshing way to end a meal. Love that close up shot of the granita with the fork by the way.

  • That’s a fabulous post, Soma! 🙂 Summer’s here! 😀

  • Beautiful, love the flavours….I must try & find some orange mint 🙂

  • I love blood orange, I love granita – what a beautifully captured marriage

  • query

    Please clarify ingredient No-3, when to use orange zest and how much? thanks.

    Your presentation is stunning and stylish.

    Thank you!

    I have updated the post. I have used about 10 blood oranges. But the number might vary to yield 3 cups of juice depending on the size of the blood oranges and how juicy they are. I have used the zest from all the oranges. But you could use less if you want. Add the zest to the syrup when you add the ginger or when you add the black pepper to the juice. Either way is fine!

  • Oh wow, the color and those photos are beautiful!

  • I love blood oranges, but I cannot remember that last time I came across any. It must be years. I did however enjoy a few wedges from a buffet at work yesterday. Such a good flavour. Great idea to use the, in granita. Oh and do you know Kavey has announced that granitas are the topic for April’s Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream. You should enter this. Jac x

  • What a spring-ly post Soma — beautiful, just like your images and words! I’m intrigued with orange mint, though I doubt I’ll find it here in Doha. Btw, I’m enjoying your updates on fb, though I’m more of a silent user these days I admit.

  • This looks so refreshing and I love the vibrant colour. And I’ve grown many mints but not come across that one, so of course, now I want some! Thanks for entering this into the bloggers scream for ice cream challenge!

  • I am totally really for warm weather, BBQ’s and a lovely cool granita or two.. 😉 But looking outside it might be a while for the right weather. This looks delicious Soma!

  • […] is the author of the vibrant eCurry blog, home of Indian recipes and more. Her blood orange granita with ginger and orange mint is suitably colourful and really brought to life by Soma’s beautiful photography. And I was […]

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