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A warm welcome to our kitchen.

This is our place to make and churn memories, discoveries and explorations, and a lot of learning. And I am here to share all of these with you. Indian Cuisine is diverse and delectable, but not difficult.

Cooking is an art that began early at home for me, while I listened to the stories of food and family from my ma and my grandmas.

I belong to the state of West Bengal; an eastern state in India that is hugged by the ocean on the south while the majestic Himalayas border around the northern edge. The husband hails from the royal state of Rajasthan, which is far across from mine at the west.  As you can imagine the food we cook in our home is a fusion and adaptation of what we both grew up with and cherish.

The saga of Indian cuisine is not just of “curries“; there is so much more. The mystery lies in the fact every state of India and even every home have their own recipes. It is a long and exciting  journey to discover them all. Food cooked at home is healthy, balanced, comforting and aromatic. The flavors are deep and amazing and magic of spices reveal not the fiery heat as it is usually looked upon, but a way to arouse your senses. Come along with me as we explore the cuisine and also amalgamate – all from a homely kitchen built with love and stories.



I am a mom of two girls and a wife.
And as I walk through this life,
I love to cook, travel and read
To connect, think and tend to needs
(Oh! you know how it is!!)
Meals, snacks and parties,

My dreams sorting lunch bags and martinis!
Different pictures different times
Spaghetti and w(h)ines and nursery rhymes…
As I relish and ponder over the different tastes
of exotic and lip smacking memories back home
or the margaritas and sizzling fajitas of the southwest
I rummage through handwritten emotions and recipes,
Blogs, books and even the carefully collected freebies…
Chop them, squeeze them, and mix them up
Add, deviate, create and adapt
To make my very own!!
Oh those endless hours spent on emails and phone
Exchanging, explaining, how and why?
To use whole wheat, or sesame or rye.
I suddenly decided what I had to do-
Write down MY recipes and why not share it too?
To all who teach me, help me and inspire
To dream, create and stir up my culinary desire
Here comes from me to you (though set up in quite a hurry)
The birth of eCurry…

To all of you out there…from our family to yours –

I hope you enjoy trying out the recipes from our blog. We try to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, with the occasional indulges. While I will share a lot of Indian recipes as the name of the blog suggests, I will also present recipes from around the world which we enjoy as much as we do the traditional Indian ones. This space has been created for sharing what my family and my friends enjoy and approve. And I would love to know if you did it too!! Thanks for visiting.

We will answer all your queries and questions at the best we can.


Behind the scenes…


This place initially launched as my contribution backed big time by Arjun’s (my hubby) inspirations has definitely taken a different road now after a few months of blogging. Not just Arjun, but my kids have got involved too. They get excited about cooking and trying new recipes, as well as getting exposed to the world wide culinary experiences.

My older princess contributes her part actively by her bright ideas, and suggestions. The little one is slowly getting involved and curious too, following me everywhere in the kitchen, sometimes with her camera.

Most importantly tho’,  Arjun & I have started working together on this. He has actively been sharing interest & cooking up things with me, whenever he can make time. He is a great help when it comes to experimenting & trying out new things or trying to duplicate something we liked, for he has this uncanny sense of taste & smell … he can sniff out exactly what all spices & things have been used! He also has this passion of creating cocktails & mocktails. So all the recipes of that category is definitely going to be from him.

As always he has been a great teacher when it comes to the technicalities of the camera. Even tho’ I am solely responsible for the Food Photography in our blog, he has been my coach, when it comes discovering the complications of the camera (or any other gadget to be precise).

Together we are a team!




Comments are an integral part of a blog and probably the only way for me to connect with the readers and know about their wants and feelings. The readers are the best critique, as well as the inspiration for me continue posting. If you are spending your time reading through the blog, please take some time to leave a comment. I might not always make time to respond to every individual comment, but I do try my best to answer any questions if I need to. Please understand that I might not be able to  reply immediately. I do read and appreciate each and every comment. However any comments which are meant to be spam and for inappropriate advertisements will be promptly deleted.




If you need to use any material or photographs from this blog, please be courteous enough to contact us. We spend a lot of time and passion to create this space. All content on this blog, including the photography and written text, are our work, which means it is copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. No work from this blog may be used for republishing and for commercial purposes without our permission. If you use contents and photographs from this blog without permission you will get an invoice.

– Cheers






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