Zucchini Raita: Zucchini and Yogurt Salad

      I am sure all of you are having your share of the summer, well at least in some parts of the world. I have a recipe for you which would be right for any hot and sweltering day. Raita (rāytā) is an Indian salad/side dish made with creamy yogurt and any kind of fruits or vegetables with a light hint of spice.   If you are going through the beauty of nature in this 100 +F, you will need this :). During the hot months of… […]


Beetroot Raita – Lightly Seasoned Beetroot and Yogurt Salad

We have been celebrating Spring. Today’s post is mostly a collage of this wondrous time. The past few days have been gorgeous. Balmy air, blue skies and the soft delicate petals on the trees, have dressed the earth as beautifully as it possibly can. As the spring breathes color and life in to mother nature, my kitchen and the produce goes through renewal too. The note of nascent spring, and the sunshine calls for food that is light and… […]


Pomegranate Almond Raita

  This creamy raita, garbed with a citrus and mint flavor, bejeweled with the pomegranates have stolen our hearts. It has become an obsession. Pomegranate obsession and we need to disengage ourselves from it. Pomegranates are getting scarce now.     Raita in Indian subcontinent is a side dish made with yogurt, vegetables (or fruits) and some spices/herbs added to it. The consistency of the dish varies from one place to another…. […]


Baingan Ka Raita: Eggplant in Seasoned Yogurt

  As the temperature oscillates between extremes, the body is confused: to wrap the fingers around a hearty cup of soup or to sit outdoors under the shade and cool off with a mild salad? This winter definitely seems undecided.     Being in Texas we seem to live on “borrowed” weather. If the snow storm sweeps the north east we are into the lower twenties, with the chilling winds knocking the knuckles out. No snow. No… […]


Chilled Yogurt Mint and Nut Soup

Featured in the Kitchn, Dressed Up Yogurt and Apple Pie Pop Tarts. This is an extremely desirable drink during the hot summer months. Yes I said “summer”. I am home in India and experiencing the true Indian summer after 16 years! That number shocks and surprises me. 16 years??!! Where did all these years go? I have lost touch with a lazy hot afternoon when nothing stirs and the sole dove sits outside and coos and gurgles. The fan… […]


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