Mutton Curry with Fenugreek, Coconut and Curry Leaves

  One of my maa’s recipes has been the inspiration for this recipe today. I have a distinct memory of this afternoon when I see my maa emerging out of the kitchen holding a stainless steel container and setting it on the table. It was a mutton curry she had tried out for the very first time. It was pale with fresh green curry leaves in it: quite different from our usual bright looking Bengali mutton curries. Those few moments are so… […]


Mutton Rogan Josh: Kashmiri Mutton Curry with Yogurt and Spices

    Rogan Josh is one of the signature dishes from the magnificent state of Kashmir. Brimming with flavors of fennel, ginger and marked by the sriking red hue, it is indeed a celebration of all senses.     Popular it might be in Kashmir, but this had never been an everyday dish in our home. In fact, in my life the delights of Rogan Josh were observed only occasionally in restaurants. I did not care to know about the… […]


Mutton Do Pyaza

    I consider this luxury cooking, my kitchen being perfumed with toasted spices and a large amount of frying onions. Nothing can go wrong with an enormous amount of caramelized onions.   I never fail to have at least a few orders of this dish whenever I visit home. I close my eyes and relish; the tender chunks of meat with the fragrant sauce and the separating oil mopped clean with a few parathas or Tandoori roti. Vinegar… […]


Mangsho-r Halka Jhol: Light and Easy Mutton Curry

  The light, soupy and mild mutton curry featured in our lunch menu one afternoon. Tenderly laced with spices and cooked until the tender meat falls off the bones, the “Halka Mangshor Jhol” summons nostalgic yearnings for me.       If you looking for a nutritious complete meal in less than thirty minutes, this is it. This recipe reminds me of home and my ma. The pale yellow sauce soaked up the hot steaming rice… […]


Mangshor Jhol – Bengali Mutton Curry

The very sound of “Mangshor Jhol “ sends me right back to my ma’s kitchen. I impatiently walked around the dining room as the pressure cooker hissed and whistled, and with every hiss the aroma of the curry already wafting in the air intensified. I see my children doing the same; they rush down the stairs and keep asking every half a minute if “meal is ready”. I do not know if it is strange or magical, but I seem to be… […]


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