Maa Choliyan Di Dal: Punjabi Style Mixed Lentils

    The creamy, warm and fragrant Maa di Dal has the wholesome nourishing feeling slowly seep into me, with a tingle of beautiful memories: crisp winter air, travels and meals in dhabas.     The month of December was always meant vacations and travels. Other than Christmas. There used to be a time many many years ago, when I was wee little, that the school year ended sometimes in the first week of December. New classrooms,… […]


The Everyday Moong Dal

    Dal has always been the classic comfort food.   This is my everyday Dal. A warm fragrant bowl with a drizzle of lemon juice soothes and coddles like old socks when I am sick in bed. The hissing of the pressure cooker speaks of homecoming and the emitting aroma welcomes us back after a long vacation. Easy and simple. We have this on rainy days and on lazy days. On days when there are no vegetables in the fridge to cook and… […]


Aamer Dal/Tok Dal: Tangy Red Lentils with Green Mango

      Aamer Dal or Tok Dal is a common name in a Bengali households during the summer months. As the months roll into the typical summer heat and the schools are out, the lunch menu at home slowly transited into light meals to beat the heat.       Finally I have a post!! This recipe today comforted and soothed on sweltering hot days just like we are having now. Quiet afternoons, kids at home lazing around, the… […]


Lehsuni Moong Dal: Garlic Flavored Yellow Moong

    Of all the infinite ways that Dal is cooked in India, this happens to be just another one; hearty and laden with the warm, distinct aroma of garlic. Quite popular, mostly in the northern regions of India, the flavors here are deep and rich.   Lehsuni means flavored with garlic and this can be done with any kind or combination of lentils. The popular ones that are used for this dish are masoor (red lentils), and also sometimes… […]


Bengali Cholar Dal: Lentils with Coconut and Spices

    This is a very traditional Bengali recipe – simmered lentils with little bites of coconut, a hint of sweet and redolent of spices. And there is no other way to have a bowlful but with Luchi or Kochuri/Kachori. But that is only with us – the Bengalis. The rest of the world is allowed to treat this as any other lentil dish or a side dish or even some exotic soup.       “Cholar Dal” is not a… […]


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